Ampasoa Beach, your family getaway to Sakatia

Nosy Sakatia - Madagascar

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Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
restaurant ampasoa beach sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
restaurant ampasoa beach sakatia

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Ampasoa Beach, a little unknown cove next to the main bay that becomes the tourist beach of Sakatia, so a good restaurant, but also a good plan for half a day as a day full with activities
PS: No website, it's an exclusive MHO 😍

What does Ampasoa Beach offer?

Above all, a private bay ! Soa is from this island and has decided to share it with visitors since 2016, for this is available a restaurant maximum of 20 seats open each afternoon (by reservation only), bar sea view foot in the sand without forgetting deckchairs to rest after lunch and the rum arranged offered by the boss!

For those who want to enjoy the beach, hiking like turtles Nosy Sakatia, you will not be disappointed, are at your disposal:

  • Palms - masks -tubas
  • Beach games
  • Games for children
  • Massage room (real massages!)
  • And on reservation, various activities such as: Tour of the island, discovery of turtles, safari whale sharks during the season. So many excursions possible morning as afternoons.

Thus the ideal place to spend a day with friends and / or family 😊

What is the atmosphere like in Ampasoa Beach?

restaurant ampasoa beach sakatia

More cool you die 😄 If you have booked well, when you arrive at the beach of Chanty Beach the boat is waiting for you to take you to Nosy Sakatia (If you do not know it yet, Nosy Sakatia is a small island ready for Nosy Be).

Descended from the boat, a long hike of 10 meters awaits you to reach the restaurant where Soa comes to welcome you. I invite you to sit at the bar & have a drink fresh, which is a luxury in Sakatia thanks to their installation solar panel, which also allows a background of musical atmosphere that will mix with the sound of waves ...

Whether waitresses, sailors, Soa like other guests (there was only me and another table for the whole place in my way), the bar is conducive to discussion. It is not impossible that tables are getting closer for lunch!

Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia
Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia

What can you eat there?

ampasoa beach

No map in Ampasoa Beach. At the time of your call, you will be offered different solutions (fish / meat / lobster / etc ...) and the next morning the races will be made accordingly where the need to book.

Some examples of what you expect:

  • Starter: Octopus salad, fish tartar, shrimp fritters
  • Dishes: grilled fish, lobster, zebu skewers, coconut rice, marinated chicken
  • Desserts: fruit salad - royal cake 

What are the prices in Ampasoa Beach?

Restaurant ampasoa beach Sakatia

The menu entry + main course + dessert is 30,000 Ar (≈7,5 €) per person.
A drink starts at 5,000 Ar (≈1.2 €)
THB at 6,000 Ar (≈1.5 €)
A bottle of wine at 55,000 Ar 14€ (≈14 €)
A Wisky at 10,000 Ar (≈2.8 €)
A cocktail at 5,000 Ar (≈1.2 €)
This is cheaper than some restaurants in Nosy Be, knowing that they provide all the logistics of a cut off island of the world.

Transfer Nosy-Be - Sakatia is 20,000 Ar / person return from 3 people. 

Activity rates:

  • Massage: 25,000 Ar (≈6.5 €)
  • Fins -: Ar 5,000 (≈1.5 €)
  • Masks - snorkels: 5,000 Ar (≈1.5 €)
  • Discovery of the island on foot (village - school - ylang ylang - coffee - vanilla - Jacquier - biodiversity - belvedere): 8 000 Ar / pers (≈2 €)
  • Discovery of the island on foot 1h30 walk & boat back: 30 000 Ar / pers (≈8 €)
  • Discovery of sea turtles: 15,000 Ar / pers (≈3.5 €)
For other excursions (whale sharks, Excursions to nearby islands, komba / tanikely / fany / iranja), rates are based on the number of people. Contact them for a quote.

Can we sleep there?

To date no bungalows on site but a partnership with bungalows nearby
Room: From 25 € with breakfast for 2 persons 

What are the opening hours and the situation?

Open every day except Tuesday

To get there, first go to the pier of Nosy Be: Chanty Beach. For this, take the road to the North (Andilana) and sign "Black Coral" turn left and follow the track until you fall on your right on land / parking with sea view. Ask the boat of the Ampasoa Beach if you have booked it or take one of the barges on site.

RECALL : The restaurant receives only on reservation, remember to notify them no later than 18h the day before, so they can make purchases

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