The Deck, restaurant with panoramic views of Madirokely

blue hour restaurant nosy be

En savoir plus sur Le Deck, restaurant vue panoramique sur Madirokely

The Deck is the hotel's "Blue Hour" restaurant on Madirokely Bay. Without doubt one of the less known restaurants of Nosy-Be because of the communication of the hotel, they prefer to stay on a clientele of the hotel to keep their quality, however it is open to outdoor.

What does the restaurant Le Deck offer?

blue hour restaurant nosy be

Backed by Madirokely Hill, you are on a terrace, in the shade with a view of the lagoon and the beach. Natural homemade juice, cocktail or wines, the choice is vast and well done. 

What is the mood at the Deck?

blue hour restaurant nosy be

Made of local materials and tastefully designed largely from noble rosewood, it is a background of musical atmosphere around the open bar in the center of the room which is very discreet once you go on the terrace who wants it nice and in the shade of a sacred tree.

What can you eat there?

The deck offers a reworked map every 6 months to adapt to seasonal products and a menu of the day according to the arrival of fishermen and markets and of course the inspiration of the chef. Without being of the current gastronomy, the dishes are worked and sometimes propose nice surprises which changes what one can find in the usual restaurants of Nosy Be

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What are the rates of the Deck?

hotel blue hour madirokely nosy be

This is the bad plan of this place: its prices. 🙁
Compared to Europe no worries, but compared to other restaurant on Nosy Be, this is not given.

The cheapest dish is at 26,000 Ar (≈7 €), a PM drinks at 5,000 Ar (≈1,5 €), a cocktail at 15,000 Ar (≈4 €)

The bill comes alive, but it is not so expensive if you take into account the view, access to the pool, the team & the equipment of the restaurant (they have REAL cold rooms, rarely seen ca in Nosy Be)

What are the opening hours and the situation?

hotel blue hour madirokely nosy be

Being a hotel, open all days of the week, midday & evenings, just plan to book / order early because the services are long enough, but just a jump in the pool and / or cocktail can not do you wait quietly.

To get there, all taxi & touk touk know. If you ever go by car / motorcycle, take the road to Madirokely, when you arrive at the football stadium, instead of going down to Madirokely take the path to the right and you always go straight.

The bungalows

hotel blue hour madirokely nosy be

We are talking about the restaurant but for information it is also 6 luxury bungalows on the beach with private terrace, high tide you hear the waves under the terrace. A beautiful setting that you will need to book at least 4 months in advance if you want to enjoy it 😉 

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