At Nono - The friend's advice on Andilana

Restaurant at nono nosy be

En savoir plus sur Chez Nono – Le conseil du copain sur Andilana

At Nono, a restaurant north of Nosy Be not far from Andilana beach. Also known as "The Rice Rum", a must-see table when you visit the island, it is not the restaurant N ° 1 of Tripadvisor for nothing.

What does the restaurant Chez Nono offer?

Restaurant at nono nosy be

From your arrival, you will feel at home with a warm welcome from Nono and Fulvia. A friendly setting that will make you have a lunch or a pleasant dinner not far from the beach of Andilana.

What can you eat there?

Restaurant at nono nosy be

At Nono, expect tasty dishes with generous portions such as: Smoked fish plate, stuffed crab, crab crab, zebu fillets with green pepper sauce, foie gras and tournedos, pizza, homemade burger.

We went to eat at Nono's house and were advised by a friend. It was perfect. The welcome of Nono is very nice. Stuffed crab is a marvel. I have never eaten so good. We continued with grilled trevallies with crunchy vegetables. A delight. A must on the island

Restaurant at nono nosy be

Yes, again in Madagascar and in particular in Nosy Be in Andilana where it is impossible to miss the cuisine of the restaurant at Nono. I've tried everything from zebu fillet with combava sauce to grilled trevallies, sautéed crabs (essential dishes) and homemade chips ... In short, it's a pleasure for the palate of gourmets. Congratulations again and thank you for this long stay with you.

Sylvie_Mina RIANS

What are the rates of the Deck?

Even the prices are cool 😊

Count between 18,000 & 25,000 Ar the dish
Natural juice at 3,000 Ar, beer at 4,000 Ar, glass of wine at 6,000 Ar.

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What are the opening hours and the situation?

Open every day

The restaurant is located on Andilana, so you need a good 45h -1h of road, but this is the opportunity to continue to the beach Andilana thereafter and / or continue the apes noon on a hike and enjoy the sunset from Mount Passot 

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