Sainte Marie Lodge

Anivorano - 515 - Madagascar

Sainte Marie Lodge in Sainte-Marie - Madagascar

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In a tree park of one hectare at the edge of the beach, a beauty of the tropical vegetation with its nonchalant coconut trees, its blood-red flowers, and its fragrant frangipani, the main residence entirely renovated in 2009 by its owners Catherine and Bertrand, has the charm of a colonial house ... with its large veranda, wooden floors and white walls, with a beautiful pool.

Patricia, all smiles, usually deals with 8 suites and 2 bedrooms. Opal, Amaranth, Overseas, Emerald ... it does not matter which one will be destined to you, they all have their particular universe and an exquisite charm where you will feel at home and even better. And when the heat arrives, the air conditioning will offer you an enchanting breeze. The comfort of the living room, on the ground floor, will tend to take you too long. Good armchairs, a large library, a bar area, a TV room, you will see, nothing misses even the other end of the earth! The dining room on the terrace will still be a source of pleasure when Lucia comes to serve, with mischief, the prodigious dishes that Catherine will have concocted for you. 

This wide veranda opens, moreover, on a garden with lush vegetation facing the sea, the first lodges to see the humpback whales during the mating season. While waiting for this summer effervescence, Bernie, who always removes his headgear to greet a lady, ensures, at every moment, that the almost private beach is impeccable. Jean-Claude is busy checking the boat's engine before going out to sea or making sure that the quads will not break down on the diabolical but exhilarating slopes of the island, in the middle of the strolls. organized by Bertrand. 

When the sun comes to show to lie behind the horizon, on the other side of the large island facing, sitting on the bench sheltered coconut trees, do not miss the fishermen who leave, in slipping gracefully, looking for their booty. It's magic. In the evening, the chameleons withdraw, the geckos are silent, geese, ducks and chickens "bicycles" go off to sleep on one leg. This is the time when the crickets come on stage singing their eternal serenade while your fireflies start their light ballets. In the early morning, not original, the rooster will wake up first ... a new day at Sainte Marie Lodge can begin! 

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