The models, a children’s game, really?

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maquette bateau nosy be

Hidden in an alley in the neighborhood of Ivato, in Antananarivo, you wonder a little or you will land! But once you’re inside it’s … Magic! There is no other word to describe the village …

The Village, boats more real than nature

Using the word « model » is almost an insult to its little wonders which are nothing less than exact reproductions in the smallest details of their big brothers!

Indeed, it is not a tree trunk carved to look like a boat, it is directly from the plans provided by the Museum of the Navy, the MRB and Tide-Hunt that each of the 48 employees having his specialty will put all his soul in the construction, a construction that will last several hundred hours …

« Many people think it’s a story of specialties or great collectors, but the model is a dream come true. We’re stopping in front of the Bounty, we’re seeing the movie again, we’re imagining with a vahiné in one arm, a glass of rum in the other and we’re gone. We make the trip. The model is that it is the object, the trip, it’s a whole history of the boat «  explains Hervé Scrive, the owner. </ Em> </ blockquote>

Why "the village" ?

maquette bateau nosy be

The village owes its name to this small paved street lined with workshops located on the ground floor of brick houses. Each workshop has its specialty (sculptor, wood turners, marquetry, cabinetmakers, painters, copper welders, embroiderers, etc …), so our boat will take a little more life each time, starting with the wood workshop where the drink raw (The only wood used are precious woods such as rosewood and ebony.) is cut into slats 1.5 mm thick which will be dried for several months.
Continuous work in the hull workshop where the frames and the frame are cut, then, from the techniques of marine carpenter and / or coopers, the wood is shaped. Finally the slats are glued and pinned on the cuts.
Subsequently, in the hardware workshop, small pieces (guns, ink, …) of wood / brass / copper, made on the spot by hand, are glued, this always from the plans.
Finally, head to the rig workshop. All ropes are made of nylon threads aged with beeswax. The sails are in their cotton and tinted tea … Of course all the rigging are functional!

Always copied but never equaled, the village is today one of the three world references in terms of reproduction of boats with since 1992 its masterpieces such as Penduick, L’Hermione, La granvillaise, Sao Mai, La Boussole and The Astrolabe of La Perouse … So if you want a quality souvenir, you know where to go;)

maquette bateau nosy be
maquette bateau nosy be

The village of Nosy Be

maquette bateau nosy be

And you will tell me, « We are on the site of Nosy Be! Tana, it’s gone! « Well, you have a very nice branch in Nosy Be – Hell Ville. Of course you will not see the workshops and atmosphere that goes with it but the quality is always at the rendezvous! You can admire and buy models of boats, marquetry, brass, half mural model. Everything is packed so as not to suffer during the trip.

Contact :
City Hell Course
Pierre LEROY
00261 34 11 551 51

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