chalet melinda nosy be

A chance discovery by bike that has existed since 2012! 3 chalets with fully equipped kitchen ideally located in Ambondrona at an unbeatable price!

What Chalets de Melinda offer?

Melinda Chalet, it is above all the house of the Captain, Tatiana and their daughter Melinda! A plot of 1000m² on Ambondrona (10 min from Ambatoloaka, South West of Nosy Be) on a hill overlooking the sea 150 m from the beach on which they built their house, a swimming pool, a petanque field or friends & Neighbors get together, and more recently 3 cottages at the traveler’s disposal.

How are the chalets ?

chalet melinda nosy be

The two main chalets have an equipped kitchen, a bathroom with hot water and ventilation under the mosquito net.

Another chalet offers a capacity of 6 people ax with two bathrooms, with good on mosquito net and ventilation. Without forgetting equipped kitchen as well as a pretty terrace

What are the services of the chalet ?

chalet melinda nosy be

Service side, forgotten the principle hotel, made as if you are invited to friends! Captain & Tatiana are at your service: they will meet you at the airport on request, often the day of your arrival you will have lunch together history to get to know and discover nosy be through their experiences. They advise you activities, good taxis, good restaurants (I also have advice) and everything you may need!

Apart from this, the pool is at your disposal as well as the TV lounge!

At what price is Melinda's chalet ?

One of the best rates on the island of I think:

  • Double chalet: 20 € / chalet, 10 € / bed!
  • Chalet 6 people: 50 €!

Where are the chalet ?

Take the Ambondrona road, at the junction to head to the ylang hotel, continue straight for 100m and take the path on your right.

WARNING: even when riding a bike, I almost missed, driving slowly!

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