Year 2016: great prospects for the tourism sector in Madagascar

Year 2016: great prospects for the tourism sector in Madagascar

The tourist sector of the Big Island is starting to recover colors. With the efforts of the government and the many initiatives of the National Tourism Office of Madagascar (ONTM) and all the actors concerned, the restart is on track. But the road is still long, we believe it.

Madagascar already ranked among the most beautiful tourist destinations

Very good news in the first week of the new year, Madagascar is currently in 4th place of the top tourist destinations worldwide for the year 2016. The result of the ranking was announced by the very serious American channel CNN. It is this very chain which draws up this classification every year based on many criteria. Tourism experts and travel organizers have been consulted by CNN and thanks to their indications, Madagascar is in front of Romania, ranked the most beautiful country in the world by the World Countries Awards 2016. This is the proof that Madagascar still has its natural assets to seduce tourists. The positive effects of this international ranking will surely contribute to the promotion of tourism.

In 2016, the sector requires an adapted budget and more products

According to the Minister of Tourism of Madagascar, Ulrich Andriantiana, the sector would need a budget of 2 million euros for tourism promotion 2016. This is a large budget that is not yet available, but necessary to take advantage opportunities offered on the international level. To recall that for the year 2015, the budget granted by the State was 50 000 dollars. For tourism promotion, it is insufficient compared to the assets to be exploited in the Big Island, in relation to its surface and in relation to the objectives. For example, Mauritius has allocated for this year a budget of about 15 million for the reception of one million tourists and Seychelles, 5 million for the arrival of 250 000 tourists.

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