What solutions to increase the number of protected areas in Madagascar?

Quelles solutions pour augmenter le nombre d'aires protégées à Madagascar ?

Having more protected areas in Madagascar to preserve the beauty of the island would only be beneficial for everyone. It is still hard work, but if everyone puts their own, it is possible to ensure the sustainability of Madagascar's biodiversity.

Protecting nature and benefiting the population
It was decided in Durban at the protected areas meeting in 2003 that the total area of protected areas in Madagascar should increase to 6 million hectares, including 1 million hectares of marine and wetland ecosystems. The plan was to protect biodiversity while controlling the exploitation of resources in mining, fishing, environment and tourism. The Navy Protected Area (PAM) project for Nosy Ve-Androka was scheduled for 2007. The creation of several NPAs becomes a necessity, as negative socio-economic impacts increase, for example, oil drilling, which may affect on the incomes of artisanal fishermen by bringing irreversible damage to marine ecosystems. 

Protection of the marine ecosystem
In 2014, at the 6th World Parks Congress in Australia, the current President also said that the number of marine protected areas will triple in the next decade. These words were reiterated by the Minister of the Environment, Ecology, the Sea and Forests at the first World Mammal Whale Congress held recently on Île Sainte-Marie. All actors will then have to think about defining an action plan for the implementation of such a project without which, increasing the number of protected areas would not be beneficial. In the meantime, other awareness, management and protection programs are being set up and some are already achieving concrete results, particularly with regard to the lobster fishery in the villages of Sainte-Luce.

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