Family trip with children in Madagascar

Antsiva is a beautiful human adventure, an unforgettable trip during a cruise off Madagascar and much more
Praised for the diversity of its fauna and flora, the northern circuit of Madagascar, from Diego Suarez to ...
Integrated in the tourist circuits of the RN7, the train journey from Fianarantsoa to Manakara takes you to the heart of ...
If you are planning an adventurous trip to Madagascar, you will not be disappointed by the countless possibilities ...
Only provider to offer a dhow adventure from 3 to 24 days to discover the north coast of Madagascar to Mahajanga.
Starting at 875 €
Based at the crater, Ambatoloaka, Soa Soa Cruises offers a unique trip to the archipelago of Mitsio, and to the coast of Madagascar.
If Nosy Be is not known for being an affordable destination, luxury is not always part of its description. With the discovery of ST CAMA, it's the end of the cruise with a luxury catamaran & the service that goes with that I invite you to discover ????
Starting at 166 €
A parade of colorful and varied landscapes punctuated by hiking, meetings with the population but also relaxation. The agency ...
Starting at 760 €
This tour will make you discover the essence of Madagascar: Malagasy meetings, hiking, wildlife observation and relaxation will be ...
Starting at 1260 €
A varied circuit in contact with the locals, where you will discover many landscapes through hikes, walks, or even ...
Starting from 1730 €
An ideal circuit for naturalists to discover unique species as well on the side of the fauna as of ...
Starting at 1130 €
An authentic circuit to discover the north of Madagascar between hiking, nature and relaxation. The TraceDirecte travel agency allows you to ...
Starting at 1015 €
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