Antsirabe strengthens its tourism potential

Tourism: Antsirabe strengthens its tourism potential

Despite the crisis, the Vakinankaratra region continues to attract tourists from all walks of life. To meet the demand, the Regional Tourism Office is launching a vast operation to build the region's capacity. 

A positive balance sheet for 2014

For the 2014 tourist season, the Regional Tourist Office of Vakinankaratra (ORTVa) draws a positive balance sheet with an achievement of 85% of its objectives. This represents a total increase of 5% in the number of visitors compared to the year 2013. According to the chairman of the Board of ORTVa, these results are the result of the efforts of all stakeholders in the tourism sector . The main objective for the year 2015 is to offer tourists stays of two to three days in the region. This must first of all go through the strengthening of its capabilities and "promotion of village sites" to visitors. Note that the region organizes this year monthly hikes whose target clientele are students and operators.

Soon a Tanà-Antsirabe-Fianara air route

Also contributing to the development of tourism in the region, the Malagasy State, through the Ministry of Tourism, intends to set up a new airline linking Antananarivo, Antsirabe and Fianarantsoa. The increase in the number of services on the domestic network as well as the acquisition of new aircraft will therefore facilitate access to these tourist areas. Also in the framework of this project, rehabilitation and extension works are currently underway on the Antsirabe aerodrome, a project that is part of a public-private partnership concluded between nine economic operators of the city of Antsirabe and the Minister of Tourism, Ulrich Andriantina. Thus, if the private sector was for a few years the only user of the aerodrome, now the national airline Air Madagascar will also be able to use it.

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