Cultural tourism in Nosy be: village of Marodoka and Donia Festival

Cultural Ourism in Nosy Be: Village of Marodoka and Donia Festival

Mainly known for its beautiful beaches, the island of Nosy - Be is also full of cultural attractions that are worth visiting such as the Marodoka site. Its rich and lush vegetation adds a special charm to the discovery of the destination. This year 2010, the Island of Perfumes will vibrate again under the rhythm of the festival Donia.

Marodoka, a new cultural site in Nosy - Be

From its former name Ambanoro, the village of Marodoka faces the main city Hell - City. He welcomed the first inhabitants of the island of Nosy - Be in the 15th century. Most of them were Arab and Indian traders. In the village prospered the trade of gold, spices or slave trade. The village is home to the first mosque established in Madagascar: the Friday Mosque. In the list of historical and cultural heritage of the village include the mosque of African slaves, the Indian cemetery of the seventeenth century, the House of Ghost ...

Although it has lost some of its former prosperity, the village's cultural heritage still attracts visitors. The association Ravinala decided to highlight this heritage by organizing tours and excursions in the village and its surroundings. This association brings together native women of the locality. The discovery of the village passes by its historical sites, then widens by cultural manifestations. The members of the association program animations of traditional dances and songs, tastings of local specialties. The visit of Marodoka takes place in half a day.

Donia Festival 2010 will take place

The Donia Festival is one of the highlights of tourism in the region of the island of Nosy. This cultural and musical event was born under the impulse of a group of tourist operators of the island in 1994. Donia means "the beautiful life" in the language Sakalava (one of the 18 ethnic groups of Madagascar). Each edition, the COFESTIN or Organizing Committee of the Nosy-Be Festival is in charge of organizing everything: the program, artists, logistics, costumes ... During this period, the island welcomes a large number of visitors: the organizers number of 45,000 to 55,000 per edition.

Usually, a carnival officially opens the festival. He sees the participation of the great majority of the inhabitants of the island. Donia is spread over four evenings of concerts to which Malagasy artists and the Indian Ocean take part. During the day, the program is filled with sports and educational events, information or awareness sessions or children's shows. The festival is in its 17th edition this year 2010. In spite of the crisis which crosses the country, the organizers have decided that the Donia Festival will still take place. Scheduled to take place from May 19 to 23, 2010, the date has been postponed by one month. To keep you up to date with the latest news, the official website of Donia festival publish more information.

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