Tourism in Madagascar: the list of approved guides is updated

Tourism in Madagascar: the list of approved guides is updated

In order to provide reliable statistics on the actual number of approved guides in Madagascar, the Ministry of Tourism decided to carry out a census.

Handpicked guides

On the Big Island, the tourism section needs more than ever to restore its image. It is with this in mind that the Ministry of Tourism has resolved to carry out a census of guides-guides operating on the Malagasy territory. Thus, the list of approved guides will be revisited to provide better benefits to foreigners who choose the Madagascar destination. At the end of the census, tourists will have easy access to the official list of approved service providers. Indeed, the new list of approved guides will be posted in the main airports of the Big Island.

Towards a better distribution of approved guides

The census of approved guides will also be an opportunity for the Ministry of Tourism to have an overview of the field of activity of listed providers. As the Analamanga region has about 100 historic sites, the ministry has been able to deliver 17 amenities during the celebration of the World Tourism Day held recently in the capital. The region of Fort-Dauphin is also one of the most touristic regions of the country. It is with this in mind that 43 guides have recently received their approval.

Become a guide, a profession in its own right

Contrary to what one might think, it is not enough to know at a fingertips a given region or site to become a guide. To acquire the status of approved guide, it is necessary to follow a formation of tourist guide. It is only after this specialization that a professional card is awarded to the service provider. In addition to his knowledge of the cultural heritage of the region or site visited, the guide must have certain qualities, such as self-help, self-control, patience and friendliness. Throughout the practice of his profession, the guide will also regularly update his achievements.

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