Unpaid tourist vignettes: the State takes measures

Vignettes touristiques non versées : l'État prend des mesure

Tourist vignettes paid by hotel guests are mainly used to promote the destination. However, many Malagasy hotels do not pay this tax to the state, which must currently take measures to support tourism in Madagascar

Sanctions provided

Currently, the tourist vignette is paid only 25%, which represents a relatively low recovery rate. Indeed, many hotels on the Big Island do not pay the parafiscal tax to the Treasury, keeping them on their behalf. Namely that this sum must be paid the following month, in a period of 10 days. Despite regular checks by the Ministry of Tourism, hotel accommodations are still making false claims about their occupancy rate. However, the tourist vignette is important to promote the Madagascar destination. This is why the State recently decided to reinforce these controls, but also to check the standards of each establishment. Minutes will be put in place with penalties for unpaid vignettes.

State measures

In order to highlight Malagasy tourism, the State has decided to mobilize other funding. It was during the general assembly of the ONTM - National Tourist Office of Madagascar, December 4, 2014, that the Ministry of Tourism announced that a budget will be released. Indeed, according to the amended budget law that was adopted for the year 2014, 438 million Ariary will be allocated to the promotion of the tourism sector. The government will add a budget of 234,000 euros to this sum for the year 2015. The government will not just inject these subsidies to improve tourism in the country. Other measures will also be put in place such as improving the security of sites to visit with the establishment of a tourism police. The hotels will also be better controlled and the electronic visa will now be applicable in Madagascar.

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