Village tourism in Madagascar

Village tourism in Madagascar

You want to live a unique and unforgettable experience? Indulge in village tourism and discover another facet of a Malagasy people. Remain faithful to the tradition, the inhabitants of the villages offer you at the same time, the opportunity to discover the real meaning of the word "hospitality".

Village tourism: a new trend

Village tourism represents the new trend being proposed by operators. This is a more humanitarian tourism that will allow you to enjoy a stay in the authentic setting of a village isolated from modern civilization. Located in a beautiful natural landscape, this hamlet will make you discover the exotic side of Madagascar, the simplicity and charm of the villagers and the way of life where stress and anxiety are not part of everyday life.

Village tourism: a rewarding Malagasy experience

The destinations proposed are composed of villages of another age, with dwellings built according to a traditional technique. Indeed, you will be welcomed in thatched roof red brick houses or in stilt-mounted huts, gathered in a territory delimited by clay walls. By rubbing shoulders with these villagers during your stay, you will discover the cultural riches that make the reputation of the Big Island as well as many traditional rituals.

Village tourism: discover the history of the Malagasy people

Your hosts will also serve you guides, and will be happy to tell you the story of their village, to explain the customs and to tell you the most famous Malagasy legends. It should be noted that even if some guides do not speak the French language fluently, communication is easy thanks to word-for-word and gestures. Through village tourism, expand your culture, find the natural spontaneity of Man and discover a more peaceful pace of life, different from that of large cities you know.

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