Sustainable tourism in Madagascar: the opinion of an expert

sustainable tourism in Madagascar

Clémence Faratiana, consultant in sustainable tourism, gives us her point of view to promote sustainable development in Madagascar, and more particularly in her native region, through ecotourism.

Clémence Faratiana: a partner of choice for operators

Graduate of the National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality (INTH) and holder of a Master in Sustainable Tourism from the University of Perpignan, Clémence Faratiana is one of those people who chose to return to the country after their studies despite opportunities available abroad. Determined to work for the development of her homeland, the consultant in sustainable tourism now provides her knowledge in the field to serve the various tourism stakeholders with the chance to work with her. Among its many missions, is the accompaniment of the village association TAMIA in the management of the new protected area of Tsinjoriake.

President of the "Filongoa-Mahavelo" association

Created a few years ago, "Filongoa-Mahavelo" intends to multiply actions in favor of the promotion of sustainable tourism in Madagascar. To this end, Clémence Faratiana - the president of the association - relies on the involvement of the local population to contribute to the development of tourism in their respective region. In the opinion of the association, this begins with the awareness of everyone on the need to preserve the environment and the enhancement of the local culture. It should be noted that the association currently trains more than 100 young people under the age of 35 as part of the Tsinjoriake project.

His preference for sustainable tourism in Madagascar

Rural tourism, cultural tourism, solidarity tourism, ecotourism ... all these forms of alternative tourism are priority for Clémence Faratiana. Allowing tourists to discover authentic Malagasy culture, and for the inhabitants to really benefit from the economic benefits of tourism activities, sustainable tourism is an important lever for the development of the tourism sector in Madagascar.