From taxi-boat to Nosy Be

From taxi-boat to Nosy Be

The tourist operators of Nosy Be are constantly improving the infrastructure and providing new ways to offer a dream holiday on the island. A taxi-boat was born in the Perfume Island to ensure the transfer of tourists.

A novelty in Nosy-Be!
For the 2015 tourist season, a taxi-boat is officially put at the disposal of the local and foreign tourists. In fact, last April, the Port, Maritime and Fluvial Agency (APMF) of Nosy-Be granted to the Gérant / Armateur Ratovonary Sergio, a navigation license for the operation of a taxi-boat called "Taxi". -Boat ". This new boat now ensures the transfer by sea between Nosy-Be and its adorable surrounding islands. With its sleek polyester hull and powerful 200 hp engine, the "Taxi-Boat" offers a minimum of comfort to its passengers. The taxi-boat is also equipped with the usual security devices and to reassure the tourists, This boat is further ensured accordingly. 

The services offered by the "Taxi-Boat"
The taxi-boat rental allows not only the transfer between the islands, but also personalized excursions. Circuits that can be adapted to the needs of tourists. The following transfers are already available: Ankify - Nosy Be, Nosy Be - Nosy Tanikely, Nosy Be - Nosy Komba, Nosy Tanikely - Nosy Komba and Nosy Be - Nosy Iranja. The rates vary between 250.000 and 1.400.000 Ariary according to the circuit, the destination and the number of passengers. Apart from the 2 skippers, the "Taxi-Boat" can carry up to 16 passengers. The arrival of the "Taxi-Boat" will surely facilitate even more the discovery of the perfume Island and the small islands around. Welcome to the "Taxi-Boat" and good luck! 

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