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Travel story

Millions of people undertake journeys and adventures to distant lands. Some share the stories of their trips to sites and blogs. Original stories with practical tips, this type of content has great value on the web, especially for those who are looking for information on a trip or a destination.

For this, Madagascar Hotels Online dedicates a page to gather a maximum of travel stories, to cover a large number of destinations. Find our web partners who have agreed to be present in our list of travel stories. Live their journeys, comment on their accounts with their feelings, and share them with your friends if you liked them.

Madagascar experience: photos and travel diaries in Madagascar.

World Tour: Estelle and Yann's world tour: our travel diaries during our 409-day world tour. Africa, South America, Oceania and Asia, practical information and lots of pictures. Conclusions of Tourdumondists.

Horizon Guadeloupe: Horizon-Guadeloupe. Discover the archipelago!

The BaliBlog: The blog of French travelers in Bali, Practical information, testimonials and exclusive tips. Discover all the info on: beaches, temples, transport, accommodation, activities, excursions in Bali

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