To expatriate, to come to live in Madagascar, the foot!

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If you look at my site like all the holiday sites and travel in Madagascar, do you really think you're going to live here? The sun, the beach, the pretty girls, the good weather all year, etc, etc ...

Well no ! At the risk of disappointing you Nosy Be as a resident is not so beautiful. Be careful I'm not complaining (if I'm here it's because I like it ^^), but always to hear the tourists and see some people launching "anyhow" to miss, I have to give some advice (it remains my vision of things, to take as such).

This article is based on my experience, each case remains different so the way you come to Madagascar (alone, family, couple, work, retirement, mission, etc ...) changes some data you can imagine. After if you are a senile old pervert, you do not need to go further Nosy be does not need you.
In my case I landed in Madagascar with my family at the age of 18, this to take again a hotel in the choice of a change of life because the way of life Europeans did not suit us.

The life of an expatriate in Madagascar, how is it?

I will not start a little sentence that I was told when I arrived:

To become a millionaire in Madagascar, it is necessary to arrive billionaire

A phrase "the con" when you read it like that no? ^^ I thought so at first, but I must say that this sentence suits me, I lost more than won. All this to get to one thing, Madagascar is a choice, a quality of life, do not expatriate to Madagascar to make a fortune! (or then go to work in Antananarivo, which is not really Madagascar ...)

Mora Mora

It's hot so you have to rest! Madagascar is the country of Mora Mora, everything is going smoothly, everything is going well ... For the holidays it's cool, but when you live there, you still need to get things done! Thus, expatriates coming to work often go more time at work just in France. How to recognize a resident in Nosy Be? It is white as in winters ^^

A limited social life

You already imagine making friends for life with Malagasy.

All his old cons of vazahas who spit on them say no matter what, they do not know how to do it and his settlers! Starting on human bases and mutual respect there is no reason is not it?

That's exactly what I said when I arrived. Well no.
I do not say and will never say that the Malagasy are all thieves, the vazahas saying that, I continue today to send them to walk? But honestly, to have local friends, it is rather the exception ... I have knowledge, good friends, but Malagasy friends on whom I can count in all circumstances? One, Malagasy without being Malagasy since he lives in Antananarivo and is used to going outside.

And think a little, it makes sense, look at the difference in culture and standard of living ... We are in a country of the third world that has long been a French colony and has not survived since, and they see next to that vazahas in 4 × 4 that are worth more than 15 years of wages ... It's not our fault you say to yourself. Yes, but what we think does not change the problem, we are a financial resource, a portfolio, a vazaha (which means stranger for reminder) before being a human being.
The level of education is also very different, it is impossible to talk about everything ...

The frustration of other residents

It is a real disease and the most frustrating point in my opinion. Madagascar a beautiful country with many good sides and beautiful things to see. Malagasy, although mora mora and sometimes very annoying on the wallet side are smiling people and pleasant to live! It is necessary to be positive in life, and that the French have trouble ...

More work than in France, people who see you as a wallet and old comers as companies ... Why come to Madagascar in this case?

As said above, I do not aim to make you flee but to show you some realities, who it happens in Madagascar is mostly a question of mentality that will make it go well or not? So, if you're still hot and need information to know how to get settled, it's this way.

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