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Who has never dreamed of living a trip ... his journey, outside the usual circuits? These three weeks of exceptions including treks, canoe, river, lagoon, diving, fauna, flora will allow you to soak up the Malagasy atmosphere. Guides to © MahayExpédition for this timeless adventure, will be your eyes and ears: Associations, Manambolo River, Tsingy de Bemaraha, Alley Baobabs, Morondava, Belo sur Mer ...

Manambolo Circuit and West of Madagascar

Day 1 : Antananarivo - Ampefy: 350 km (of which 70km of track) = 08h00 

This day will allow you to gradually immerse yourself in the heart of West Malagasy towards the city of Tsiroanomandidy where the RN1 ends. This village is famous for hosting one of the most important cattle market on the island, which is held every Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Located in the heart of a region where zebus farming is a real institution, the regional herd counts nearly 200,000 head of which a third is resold on the local market. You will have lunch in town before leaving for 4:00 of track 4 × 4 are in order to reach the village of Belobaka ... starting point of your adventure!

Dinner and overnight at the inhabitant

Day 2 : Belobaka - Beginning of the trek - Itondy River: trek 2h30

You are at the gateway to the Bongalava massif.
Your picnic will delight the palets of the most septic ... Here you are in the hands of our guide Malagasy for a first pedestrian connection of about 2:30 to reach the banks of the Itondy River, the place of your first bivouac. Tents with three seats for two people will allow you total rest.

Day 3 : Itondy River - Bongolava Massif: 4h trek in the morning and 3h in the afternoon hiking 

The morning mist and the first sound of the banks of the Itondy will be your guests for this first breakfast on the riverbank. The porters and guides who will share your trip have a sense of adventure in these first days of treks. The villages crossed are always marked by curiosity, exchanges and laughter in these places so little frequented by foreigners. The pace of the hike is 4am in the morning from 3am in the afternoon to avoid suffering too much heat. The approach of the Bongalava massif is felt in the distance. Dinner and overnight in bivouac.

our 4 : Bongolava - Ambatomalama - Ankavandra: 8 to 9 hours of hiking

This third day of trek will be more physical than the two previous ones because of the relief and the ascent on the massif. A landscape of savannahs and hills interspersed with lavaka, gullies produced by erosion, will allow you to discuss the deforestation problems that Madagascar is suffering from the scourge of the Scourge. A deserved break at the waterfall after a technical descent will be the occasion of a good scrub. The view of the Manambolo, the waterfall, the Bongalava massif and Bemaraha should delight you. You will reach the village Ankavandra in the late afternoon and you will camp on the banks of the Manambolo River.

Day 5/6/7
 : Ankavandra - Manambolo River Descent
 : 4am in the morning and 3h in the afternoon of traditional pirogue

Here you are at the gates of the Manambolo River, much less crowded and more authentic than its sister Tsiribihina. The calm of the descent and the mora-mora navigation will be the occasion of a well deserved rest. The contact with the villagers along the river or on the banks remains a privileged moment aboard your traditional canoe. Who has never dreamed of sailing on a river in a canoe rocked by the current and songs of piroguiers? Natural pools, lemurs, birds and other chameleons will be desired because here, nature is in the spotlight.

Diners at the fires of the "master" Mouhidine and nights in bivouac the three nights with songs and dances for the most daring.

Day 8 : Manambolo - Bekopaka: about 3 hours of canoe and 02 hours of walking tour

This last half day of descent will be rich in panoramas. Indeed, 11,5km of gorges surrounded by walls and still preserved forests will accompany you. A stop at the Sakalava tombs along the river as well as caves decorated with stalagmite and stalactite limestone concretions will be part of this morning.

You will visit the "little Tsingy" during your afternoon, which will allow you to have a glimpse of the fabulous show that awaits you for the next day!

You will dine and be accommodated at the Orchidées hotel.

Day 9 : Bekopaka: 07h of "crapahut" in the Tsingy de Bemaraha

The Tsingy, word of Sakalava origin derived from mitsingitsingy which means "to walk on tiptoe" is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1990. Massive clay-limestone, the creation of two coral reefs (Bemaraha and Ankarana ), started as soon as Madagascar's detachment from Africa ... there are about 150 Ma It is these coral reefs which are at the origin of the creation of the Bemaraha massif as well as that of the massif of Ankarana ( to North-east). They are born under the sea. The Tsingy of Bemaraha, are unique and contain faunistic and floristic treasures in a unique setting in the world.

A hike of 07h will be proposed to you to go deeper into these canyons: guaranteed sensations. (Other "tsingy" circuits can be proposed to you.

You will dine and be accommodated at the Orchidées hotel.

Day 10
: Bekopaka - alley of baobabs:
 08h on track with break and ferry crossing

In the program of this day, a big 4 × 4 link on track to join the Camp Amoureux site.

Lunch in Belo sur Tsiribihina at Karibo
Take for the mythical "alley Baobabs" and its sunset to pale more than a goal ...

Dinner and overnight in Morondava at Kimony Resort

Day 11 : Morondava - Belo / sea 4h boat ride on the Mozambique Channel

You will reach Belo / sea by sea. Belo / sea is an authentic and unique place. Located at the edge of the Mozambique Channel bordered by its limpid and turquoise waters that will enchant you.

Free afternoon

Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Entremer

Day 12 : Belo / sea: 

Belo / sea is a haven of peace. You can visit the village, the shipyard of dhows or make a trip by sailing canoe. (optional) Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Entremer

Day 13 : Belo sur Mer - Morondava - Miandrivazo: 04h of boat + 286km of paved road

Morning departure from Belo / Mer towards the highlands. Lunch on the way Dinner and overnight at the Princess Tsiribihina Hotel

Day 14 : Miandrivazo - Antananarivo: 416 asphalt road = 08h country house ambositra2

Last day of liaison for a smooth ascent towards the "city of miles" that is Antananarivo.

A stop in the spa town of Antsirabe where you will have lunch.

A 3:30 drive away from the capital: the landscapes of the highlands, adobe houses and thatched roofs will be appreciated.

You will dine in a restaurant located not far from the airport for a quiet well deserved rest ... enjoying the musical aperitif!

Day 15 : Antananarivo

This day will offer you two options:
1.Lever mora-mora, visit the showroom of the Roses and Baobab association highlighting the unique achievements of the best artisans of Madagascar and visit a district of the capital with the Ecotana association and lunch homestay.

2.John will come to pick you up at your residence to accompany you to the tinmaking of Dieudonné and Violette. There, a breakfast will be offered to you followed by a commented visit of the places in company of Dieudonné, character oh how emblematic. This couple represents a real example of social success where passion, fervor and self-sacrifice are the key words. You will have lunch in town and your afternoon will be spent visiting one of the capital's markets.

Musical dinner and overnight in a bed and breakfast located on the road to the airport.

Remarks : choices are offered on your circuits [Rates and conditions, contact us]

* The price per person (based on 5 people) is set on a double room basis in mid-range and full-board hotels.

* From 5 people, the obligation of another 4 × 4 vehicle or a 4 × 4 minibus.

* Nights under tent during the bivouacs.

* You can choose the formula night + breakfast (lunch and dinner remaining at your expense).

* The steps in the so-called "solidarity" structures remain imposed in connection with our Orientation Tour Operator Solidarity and nights in bivouac.

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