Embark on an unforgettable cruise to Nosy Be

Nosybe Cruise with Sesame

In the warm waters of Madagascar, meeting the islets of the Nosy Be archipelago and the North coast of Madagascar, Trimaran Sesame invites you to discover the beauty of Nosy Be during a cruise of 3 to 15 days.

What does the Sesame trimaran offer?

Nosybe Cruise with Sesame

Sesame invites you to discover no the Nosy Be lambda but the real NosyBe, authentic & preserved. For this, let's forget the crowds and go off to discover the islands of the archipelago such as the Radama Islands or the island of Nosy Lava, formerly the cradle of Madagascar's most famous prison. Without forgetting the berries of Moramba, Baramahamay and many others ... This taking advantage of the comfort of a modern trimaran and an attentive crew! 

Nosybe Cruise with Sesame

A week cruise off Nosy Be do not tempt you? In this case, how about a day to discover the islands Tanikely or Sakatia ? You will avoid the uncomfortable transfer of a hull without forgetting the obligations of a group excursion! With Sesame, leave at the time you want, have a leisurely lunch on the Trimaran and return quietly in the late afternoon with the sunset on the beach

sunset cruise nosy be

The sunset tempts you? Sesame suggests if he is not already on a cruise to take you for 3 hours (from 16h to 19h) for a sailing trip. An aperitif will be served at sea to complete the magic of this navigation.

What is the difference between Sesame and the usual Catamarans?

trimaran sesame nosy be

With more than 20-30 catamarans in Nosy Be, the returns can be good as catastrophic, the organization of a cruise holding on the details! And yet, with Sesame it's 100% positive feedback. Sesame's difference lies in the continuity and the willingness of both the captain and the crew to please.

An exceptional cruise
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The result has exceeded all our expectations: splendid landscapes, a beautiful boat, a fantastic crew ... I do not have enough superlatives to describe what we experienced during this magic week in the presence of Captain Hervé, always the right word to make you smile :-), Hugo the cook who will amaze you with all these flavors, Tina the housekeeper caring and what to say of Augustin the second always there to accompany us and make us discover nice country.
Camille A
Paradise on Earth
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I can not say how many times bravo to the extremely dedicated crew. The captain is very attentive to our wishes. The boat filled all our comforts from comfort to aesthetics. We were lucky to see a whale shark and dolphins. Chef Cuisto delighted our taste buds morning noon and night, he spoils us more power.
A caring crew
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Hervé and his crew offered us an exotic and exceptional trip. We feasted in all respects. Our two children (from 2 to 4 years old) now have the sea legs and we, the taste for the maritime adventure. To recommend highly for a small family!
trimaran sesame nosy be

What is the mood during a Nosy Be cruise?

Sesame brings you comfort, idyllic places and equipment (PMT -Kayak - trolling - annex to go to the islands - library lounge, TV, DVD & games), you only have to leave with the good group to make an unforgettable trip 😊

Nosybe Cruise with Sesame
Nosybe Cruise with Sesame
Nosybe Cruise with Sesame

What are the prices of Sesame?

trimaran sesame nosy be

Above all, a little reminder because the prices of catamarans can always stop us, it's just that we forget what is included:

  • A hotel is only a room.
  • A catamaran is the cabin + breakfast + lunch + snack at 17h + dinner + drinks + wine + excursions + WIFI.

Sesame is 980 € per day for 6 people, that is 163 € / person. Reasonable if you look at the level of benefits aboard Sesame.

Contacts & reservations

trimaran sesame nosy be

Sesame is anchored to the crater of Nosy Be.
To join the crew, click below on their contacts

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Nosybe Cruise with Sesame
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