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This tour will make you discover the essence of Madagascar: Malagasy meetings, hiking, wildlife watching and relaxation will be at the rendezvous!

The travel agency TraceDirecte allows you to create a tailor-made trip to Madagascar directly with Tsirava, our local expert.
Live an authentic experience in Madagascar with a trip that resembles you and that has been designed according to your desires, your interests and your requirements.

Discover the Red Island from every angle

We offer as an idea of trip to Madagascar the circuit « Red Island ».

This trip will be made of meetings, especially during your visit of village of AmbositraThrough its narrow streets and artisan shops, you can also taste Madagascan specialties.
Hikes await you in exceptional sites: Isalo National Park where you can admire beautiful landscapes and refresh yourself in a natural pool and in the park of the Amber Mountain, with its exotic vegetation dotted with crater lakes, waterfalls and animated by lemurs, chameleons and many species of birds.
Before arriving in the turquoise lagoon of TulearYou will pass through the village of Ilakaka and observe the Mahafaly tombs, whose wooden decoration is typical of the island. You will also discover the bay of Diego Suarez, your walk will take you from Ramena to Orangea between the market, the port and the view of the Indian Ocean.
Your stay will end smoothly on theNosy Be Island with the program: relaxing on the white sand beaches, swimming in the turquoise waters, water activities, walks and meeting the warm people of this small island paradise.
Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

Discovery tour :

Day 1: Welcome and visit of Antananarivo
Day 2: Discovery of the village of Ambositra
Day 3: Road to Isalo National Park
Day 4: Hiking in the Isalo Massif
Day 5: Road and swimming in the Tulear lagoon
Day 6: Swimming and flight to Tana
Day 7: Discovery of Diego Suarez Bay
Day 8: Hiking in the Amber Mountain Park
Day 9: Relaxation stay in Nosy Be
Day 10: Relaxation stay in Nosy Be
Day 11: Last swim and flight to Antananarivo

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