From Fianarantsoa to Manakara: discover the wonders of the east by train!

From Fianarantsoa to Manakara: discover the wonders of the east by train!

Integrated in the tourist circuits of the RN7, the train journey from Fianarantsoa to Manakara takes you to the heart of an authentic life. The Draisine of the FCE line (Fianarantsoa East Coast) ensures a breathtaking trip!

When to plan your trip and at what price?

The Fianarantsoa-East Coast line is generally open throughout the year. But it is advisable to plan its journey out of the rainy season, from December to April. The Draisine embarks its passengers at the station of Fianarantsoa Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the outward journey. Book your return trip on Wednesdays, Fridays or Sundays. This trip to Draisine, dedicated exclusively to holidaymakers, is available at rates that differ according to the number of travelers. If you decide to leave in groups of fifteen people, you will enjoy a discount.

The FCE line: vestige of Madagascar

The railway linking Fianarantsoa to the city of Manakara is a legacy of the French settlers. Delivered in 1936, this line winds more than 163 kilometers from the highlands of the big island and sinks into the depths of a green landscape, especially in the great rainforest of eastern Madagascar. Your journey crosses cataracts, hills dressed with traveler's trees, rivers and jagged cliffs. The train operates countless stops allowing you to taste the hospitality of the villagers. Among other things, they will buy local fruits (bananas) and other dried seafood.

Manakara, colonial wonder of the east

Capital city of the eponymous district, the city of Manakara displays an old-fashioned charm with its colonial architecture and its small harbor always lively. Camped at the mouth of the Manakara River, it is home to large wild beaches to go. Among the popular spots of the city, Manakara Be Beach is the perfect base for soaking up the atmosphere. Other strikes away from the city are also to be discovered.

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