From Diego Suarez to Nosy Be, a circuit between land and sea

From Diego Suarez to Nosy Be

Praised for the diversity of its fauna and flora, the northern circuit of Madagascar, from Diego Suarez to Nosy Be, is conducive to discovery and idleness. It offers a harmonious contrast between land and sea to tourists looking for new adventures in a country with many riches.

Discovering the three bays of Diego Suarez

The highest point of the Big Island, Diego Suarez is rich in both culture and natural treasures. It has preserved its architectural remains from the era of French colonization. It is a full-fledged destination with many attractions that will delight nature lovers. Land and sea intersect in the region to form unique landscapes. Diego Suarez is very popular for its famous sugar loaf and its three bays, namely the Bay of Dunes, the Bay of Pigeons and the Bay of Sakalava. Beaches, waterfalls and lakes abound to invite tourists to step into the water.

Cap on the Amber Mountain, trek in the forest in the Ankarana Reserve

From Diego Suarez, the circuit continues towards the southwest in the city of Joffreville. A short hike makes it possible to visit the Amber Mountain National Park. Culminating at 1475 meters, it is full of many endemic animal species such as lemurs, small chameleons, amphibians and rare birds, the best known is the Eagle. It is covered with lush vegetation and a rain forest that will seduce botanists. A little further south is the Ankarana massif. It is the ideal place to discover the red Tsingy, a limestone formation for more than three million years.

Beach holiday on the island of Nosy Be

After taking advantage of the various hikes in the forest, the tour ends at "l'île aux parfums", Nosy Be. This denomination is due because of its scents of sugar cane, spices, and especially ylang-ylang. Volcanic island of about 320 km², Nosy Be is naturally a destination with "seaside" vocation. It is also a perfect starting point for cruises to the west coast of Madagascar or neighboring archipelagos.

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