Cruises in the Virgin Islands, north of Madagascar

catamaran cruise to nosy be

If you are planning an adventurous trip to Madagascar, you will not be disappointed by the countless possibilities offered by the country. Containing the best dive sites on the island, the surroundings of Nosy-Be also offer the opportunity to indulge in sailing cruises. From the archipelago of Radama to Cap d'Ambre, the adventure promises extraordinary sensations. It is also the ideal route to experience this hobby, since the northern part of Madagascar is wonderfully preserved from the sometimes violent winds coming from the East.

Off the coast of Nosy-Be, the Virgin Islands offer visitors a real moment of relaxation and escape. Each island is a journey in itself, so it is best to spend several hours or even two or three days. Idyllic beaches, wild landscapes ... You will have the leisure to grant you a lazy or explore the colorful backgrounds of Malagasy waters, sanctuaries of exceptional wildlife. Many of these islands are inhabited and you can discover picturesque fishing villages during your cruise.

Discovering the Virgin Islands

It is nice to enjoy a cruise off the Virgin Islands, this archipelago is still preserved from mass tourism. The archipelago of Mitsio (Grande Mistio, Nosy Lava, Four Brothers, etc.), Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Komba are all sites where it is good to relax away from noisy seaside resorts. The hospitality and joie de vivre of the locals will certainly surprise you. If the discovery of Mitsio is already a classic for some, other islands with unsuspected treasures are worth a visit. This is particularly the case of Nosy Iranja and the Radama Islands.

Favorite place of many nomadic fishermen, Nosy Mamoko is still unknown, yet this piece of land contains a unique nature. Here, the rainforest is queen. A stopover in this area of greenery will give you the opportunity to meet the giant turtles and lemurs of the region. In addition, many providers offer cruises on the Virgin Islands coast. You will be spoiled for choice. If sailing boats offer maximum comfort during the crossing, traditional canoes are a more authentic way to enjoy the pleasures of the sea. What good memories in perspective!

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