LUXURY cruise to discover the Nosy Be Archipelago

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

If Nosy Be is not known for being an affordable destination, luxury is not always part of its description. With the discovery of ST CAMA, it is the crest side with a luxury catamaran & the service that goes with that I invite you to discover 😍

What does St Cama offer?

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

St Cama offers international level luxury cruises to discover the Islands of the Nosy Be Archipelago. Each cruise is private and can accommodate up to 6 people (4 double cabins with bathroom & WC). 

On the cruise side, what will please everyone:

  • Discovering the South Islands during a cruise of 3 to 7 days 
  • Discovering the North Islands during a cruise of 7 to 12 days
  • Team for tropical fishing, go on the fishy banks off the coast of Nosy Be.
  •  Day trip to visit the islands

How is the Pussy Cat Catamaran more luxurious than the others?

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

On Nosy-Be since 2012, if a point comes back on each return cruise, it is the lack of maintenance, service. The most common example is the lack of water in the middle of the living room, odors in the WC and the quality of the kitchen which leaves something to be desired. Details that make the difference on a cruise several days!

With Pussy Cat, no clouds on the horizon. This is an international service that is offered to you with a complete crew (1 captain, 1 professional skipper with diploma, 1 experienced pastry cook, 1 flight attendant.)

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

Whether service or cooking, nothing is left to chance!

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

It is also larger than average dimensions with a total length of 15 meters for a width of 7.50 meters, not to mention the equipment that goes with such as grigo / freezer / TV / coffee machine, ice machine. All that works, to be specified in Madagascar 😊

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

What is the atmosphere of a Nosy Be cruise with the Pussy Cat?

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

The large volumes of this catamaran, the meeting points, the large living room with American kitchen and its big bar, its majestic rear square, its shaded upper deck, its huge front deck, will allow you a life on board friendly and without embarrassment for the other.

For stops on the islands, an appendix & provision of palm - mask & snorkels will allow you to enjoy the seabed

On the fishing side, I am not a connoisseur of the material but you can practice all the fishing: small and big train, popper, jigging, handline, derivatives etc ...

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

And if we want to stay a few days in Nosy Be?

villa nosy be

No need to look for a hotel, enjoy their villa in guest house mode. A villa with exceptional sea views (the capital is 😍), a swimming pool, a living room giving a difficult choice between the view, the swimming pool, a library and a billiard table.

What are the prices ?

  • The cruise is 1000 € per day. It may seem high, but if you are 6 it comes to 166 € / person full board with the excursions. All confused is an attractive rate vi a vi of all services offered 
  • For the guest house, count 80 € / night
  • And I have not spoken but if you stay a few days, you can also rent HUMMERS 200 € / day
Enjoy this circuit with
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St Cama
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166 €

per person, excluding international flights

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