Une croisière sur un voilier de 28 m

sailboat antsiva nosy be

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Antsiva is above all a beautiful human adventure alongside a friendly crew whose main mission is to make your cruise off Madagascar a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Thanks to the experience of its skipper Nicolas and the professionalism of all team members, Antsiva can look forward to offering exceptional cruising conditions to its passengers.

Antsiva, what is it?

The Antsiva is a magnificent sailboat 28 meters long offering an exceptional living space to its passengers. Aboard this beautiful monohull hides a comfortable, warm and fully equipped living place: internet, telephone, DVD player, television, washing machine and library. It houses a large bright and warm living room and several cabins, all designed to ensure a quality stay throughout the cruise in Nosy Be.

Which cruises are possible?

sailboat antsiva nosy be

Several types of cruises in Madagascar are possible on this tall ship: cruises focused on leisure, discovery, fishing and diving. Among the activities offered on board are of course the discovery of the Nosy Be region and therefore the entire north-west coast of the island through the Bay of Courier and Moramba Bay. Diving enthusiasts will have the chance to explore exceptional underwater sites on the Nosy Be side such as the Gorgones, the Touareg bench, Tanykely, the Sakatia arches or the 4 wrecks. As for the fishermen, they will not be left out since many sport fishing trips are organized aboard the sailboat and in particular in the most remote and least explored areas.

A cruise on the Antsiva sailboat is also the privilege of experiencing unique experiences: humpback whale watching, encounters with the whale shark in Tanzania and expeditions to the Seychelles when the hurricane season comes to Madagascar.

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