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Alefa madagascar

Aboard a traditional dhow, you are projected in the world of Scheherazade namely Arab rugs, oriental cushion and Moroccan cover. Alefa is the only provider in Nosy Be to offer a dhow adventure from Nosy Be to discover the north coast of Madagascar to Mahajanga. A trip that can last between 3 and 24 days depending on the distance to travel and your desires.

Alefa, what is it?

Going on a trip aboard a dhow or a canoe from Alefa is first embark on a boat straight out of an account of the Thousand and One Nights and sail to the discovery of the North West coast of Madagascar.

It's going through a divine sea to visit a beautiful land. Dozens of possible stops, deserted beaches, invisible villages, sandbanks, islands, mangroves, and still only a few hours on the sea for many hours on the earth.

It is bivouacking every day on a new site, and leave for a real adventure, while cultivating a lifestyle not sparing any of our senses; is to add, in a way, the word "epicurean" to the word "adventure" ...

How are the dhows?

dhow nosy be madagascar

Alefa works with two big Sakalava dhows: Karakory and Mahatsara. These two dhows were entirely made with traditional tools by Sakalava carpenters. Their construction, without prior plan, required several years of construction during which nothing was spared to make them the most beautiful dhows of the region. 

Alefa madagascar

Everything has been designed on board to bring exotic dreams of discovery beyond standards. Six crewmen, a huge space, African wool carpets, chiseled trays and copper teapots, comfortable cushions, huge wooden pulleys and thick ropes make up the daily decor of a dhow trip, at the same time. generous shade of a huge cotton canvas

Cruises in Madagascar

Alefa madaagscar

Each trip is unique, the creation of your adventure begins with a discussion by e-mail to adapt the circuits to your desires. The actual day of departure, a point around a breakfast by the sea in their premises in Madirokely to refine the final details.

alefa nosy be

The adventure begins once everyone is on board. During the crossing, you will be out of time and discover with the naked eye places almost inaccessible and where nobody else goes. Blue lagoon, pink sand, mangrove forest, small coves, your notebook and your camera will be essential to remember the moments you will spend during your trip.

Alefa madagascar

At each place where you will disembark, discover the hidden villages, meet the local people (Sakalava) with whom we will share you will share meals, culture, tradition all in the conviviality.

Outside stops, the catering will be prepared aboard Alefa by sailors with fresh products caught in the early morning: grilled fish, grilled crayfish, fishing to which you can participate.

What is the price of a cruise?

Alefa madagascar

For a cruise, be at least 3-4, count 115 € / person in full board. So if you look good, it comes down to the end less expensive than a hotel if you have to remove all sus, and you have in addition an unforgettable memory 😉

Enjoy this circuit with
Alefa madagascar
The local agency of
7 days

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875 €

per person, excluding international flights

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