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Through its restaurant guide, Madagascar Hotels Online offers you a list of good restaurants where you can eat during your stay in the Big Island. Our restaurant selection lists a variety of establishments, each with a specialty in cuisine, whether Malagasy or foreign (Chinese, Italian, European ...). We invite you to explore our pages dedicated to restaurants in Madagascar. They are sorted by destination to allow our visitors to find in a short time a restaurant in the locality they plan to visit.

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Restaurant tsy manin madirokely
Nosy Be

Tsy Manin, young atmosphere of Nosy Be

Run by a young team: Mat and Elina, the restaurant adjoins the Baleine Rand'eau center in a friendly atmosphere in "puff" sea view. You can find Tapas, Sandwich, Cheesburger, Cookies, Muffins and other gourmet assortments of the house.

Nosy Be

Ampasoa Beach, your family getaway to Sakatia

The Ampasoa, a little unknown cove next to the main bay that become the tourist beach of Sakatia, and a good restaurant & relaxation plan that accepts up to 20 people, that I invite you to discover.

whale sharks excursion nosy be
Nosy Be

Meet the whale sharks

The whale shark comes to feed in the waters of Nosy Be between the months of October and December. Totally harmless, he's waiting for you ...

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