The Table of Highlands

3, Andriandahifotsy Street - Faravohitra - Madagascar

La Table des Hautes-Terre restaurant LA TABLE DES HAUTES TERRES in Tana

Chef Arison with his great imagination expresses himself in the menus as well as in the dishes served. A well balanced and carefully prepared cuisine for an excellent flavor / texture and taste / presentation ratio, for example: carrot tatin with fleur de sel and caramel of veal, or the prawn chaplain with vegetables, as well as the Romazava Royal with 3 meats. The daily menu consists of an appetizer, two courses of your choice and a dessert. At the "L'amphore" bar, cocktails, rums and Bordeaux wines can be enjoyed. Breakfast and lunch can be taken on the terrace under umbrella shelter, with a magnificent view of the city center

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