The Fern of the Colbert Hotel

29 Prince Ratsimamanga Street BP 341 - Madagascar

La Fougère Restaurant at the Colbert Hotel in Tana

En savoir plus sur La Fougère de l’hôtel Colbert

La Fougère offers a breathtaking view overlooking the Queen's Palace and the surroundings of the capital. It is a place that offers freshness and good flavors from around the world. Its menu is very varied but its specialty is based on tasty grilled dishes.

The restaurant is located on the terrace of the hotel Colbert and it makes many followers during the beautiful days. Many of his clients particularly enjoy taking meals under the sun, in the open air but always with comfort at the key.

La Fougère offers a pleasant, modern and conducive to change horizons for a good time. We love the variety of its menus where each diner has his share of preference.

In his cards, we find everything from cold appetizers, charcuterie, desserts to sweeten the refined dishes, small appetizers, everything you want.

If you are staying in Antananarivo and need different flavors, try the La Fougère tables waiting for you with open arms.

To go to the restaurant, just go to the hotel Colbert and ask that we prepare a table at La Fougère.

If you fancy other things, La Taverne, the other restaurant of the establishment also remains at your disposal.

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