The Chalet des Roses

13, rue de l'Auximad Antsahavola - Madagascar

Restaurant The Chalet des Roses in Tana

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FAQ sur Le Chalet des Roses

The menu offers typical Italian dishes: gnocchi and lasagna, tortellini and ravioli, spaghetti with pesto, meat saltimbocca, roulades and escalope à la milanaise.Sans speak of the famous Italian specialty: pizza!

You can also taste Madagascan dishes such as romazava, ravitoto and coconut chicken. As dessert the restaurant offers homemade Tiramisu, ice cream and other Italian specialties.

As drinks, a wide range of local wine, South African, Italian, French ... tropical fruit juices, as well as different types of rum flavored with spices and local fruits or homemade limoncello are offered.

To finish a good Italian espresso.

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