Night Club Taxi be dans le quartier d'Antaninarenina au centre ville d'Antananarivo pour une soirée en boite de nuit

The clubbing address par excellence at the capital. Right in the city center, Taxi Be's disco makes you dance and opens its doors from dusk till dawn. 

Located in an alley of the Antanimena district, Taxi Be is 5.000 Ar by taxi if you come from the city center, about 1 €. If you leave the surrounding neighborhoods or peripherals, it will cost you between 12,000 Ar and 20,000 Ar, which is between 3 and 5 €. 

In a large building, the place follows the urban theme: table and chair in iron, glass and wood, fluorescent neon lights illuminating the room. It also has a terrace for a breath of fresh air at night and a mezzanine for VIPs.

The Taxi Be is quite eclectic, with a strong electro trend. You will dance on the latest national and international hits. You can also enjoy the salegy for a tropical atmosphere.

  • Restoration
  • High ceiling and fairly well ventilated room
  • VIP lounge
  • Spacious, we sneaks easily enough to find a sit
  • Taxi presence at all times
  • High traffic area and presence of security guards
  • No dedicated parking for guests, plan to arrive in advance to park close enough. Otherwise, take a taxi
  • Do not walk on the side of the road that leads to Soarano Station

You have their direct contact at the top right of this page. Do not hesitate to ask. Good night !

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