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Lot 112J 25 Rue Radama Antsenakely - Madagascar

restaurant POUSSE POUSSE Antsirable

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Restaurant-bar with original and warm decor, located in the city center near the small market and pavilions.

Animated by a dynamic and professional team, Service from 11h to 22h30, Weekly closing on Wednesday.

Three rooms with a capacity of 45 seats, you can eat in Pousse-Pousse ...

Bar with mezzanine and small sunny terrace on the street, ideal to quench the day by contemplating the bustle of the neighborhood.

Traditional French and Malagasy cuisine, carefully crafted from the many delicious local products. The menu varies according to the season, dish of the day at 9,500 Ar, and always the tasty foie gras and homemade cheeseburger, zebu sushi, sambos, masikita ...

For the aperitif, our barmen are true specialists of Caipirina, Punch-coconut and Pinacolada. And they never forget to offer you the little "shoot" coffee, rum arranged with various flavors!
Musical atmosphere felted every evening, evening "cabaret" about once a month, organization of themed party on demand.

Pousse-Pousse will be 13 years old this year; the quality of its cuisine and
the professionalism of his team make it a must stop at the
crossroads of the main roads of the south Malagasy axis.

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