Lokanga Restaurant

Lot VW 115 Ambohimitsimbina Antananarivo 101 Madagascar - Madagascar

Day view on the terrace of the restaurant Lokanga in Antananarivo

A romantic dinner, to see the capital from another eye, a magnificent view for a moment of escape, a desire for fine cuisine? For that, you only have to try the restaurant of Lokanga.

From the city center, take the paved road that climbs to the Palace of the Queen. At the top, turn right and continue straight for about 300 m, until you see a traditional building protected by a short iron bar below.

The taxi from the city center will cost you about 10,000 Ar one way, about 2,5 €.

You descend a staircase of wood and iron to arrive in their green garden, and finish on the terrace of their brick building. From there, the view will immediately take your breath away.

Their small tables decorated with lantern, flowers and candles breathe the romanticism. If you want to eat in the room, the bay window will remind you that you are high, the fireplace will warm you up. 

A setting totally inspired by the Malagasy tradition, history and chic.

The view requires, the restaurant is known for its sundowner. Sip a cocktail while tasting tapas with local flavors or flavors of the world according to your taste, while following the course of the sun setting over Antananarivo. A magic moment. 

You will have the choice between a French cuisine, local or a mix of both. 

On the menu are original dishes such as Romazava (traditional broth) with seafood, foie gras poached with honey, zebu (Malagasy beef) stewed with peanut sauce, fish with pesto, duck with baobab, etc.

Apart from the view we do not get tired of? So know that in the restaurant, all that can be homemade are prepared in their own kitchen: pasta, ice cream, bread, foie gras, etc.

Given their standing, the setting and the quality of the cuisine they offer, the prices displayed on the map of Lokanga are still among the highest in the capital. 

The starters, tapas and desserts are between 16,000 and 26,000 Ar (between 4 and 7 €).

The dishes vary between 25,000 Ar and 35,000 Ar, or between 6.5 and 9 €.

Lokanga's restaurant takes your orders from 11h to 15h30 for lunch and from 18h to 21h for dinner. Appointments for breakfasts and brunches from 9 am to 2 pm on weekends.

Also, as the restaurant is part of a hotel, they close Mondays and Tuesdays for outside guests and only serve a card specifically addressed to their resident. All the rest of the week, it's up to you.

It is indeed better to always book in advance because they can quickly fill. You have been provided with their contact at the top right of the page. Enjoy !

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