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Chez Albert and Lily, the picturesque little chalet of the Swiss Refuge is a haven of indulgence. Master-word: cheese, sausage, bread, fruit, ... homemade and food at will. A family welcome to enjoy with family, friends or even couple for a culinary escapade.

In Mantasoa, a small paradise on the outskirts of Antananarivo, 50km. Take the RN2 East for about 1h30. You will only have to ask on arrival, everyone knows.

In a flower and fruit garden, the cottage of Albert and Lily is a small wooden building lost in the pine forest of Mantasoa. Decorated bell, wooden furniture, the setting is very warm and breathes calm.

The particularity of Albert and Lily is the cuisine in Switzerland. It is known for its fondues and Raclettes Savoyardes. Everything is homemade: cheese, cold meats, dried meat, bread, etc.

Other popular dishes include: terrine, foie gras, sausages, hams, etc.

The fondue is 50,000 Ar per person, galore. Other products are sold in canned, jar or gram. 

We have provided you at the top, to the right the direct contact of the establishment. Enjoy !

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