Le Point d’Exclamation Lounge Bar

Hotel de l'Avenue, 26 Avenue de l'Independance, Analakely 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar

lounge point d exclamation lounge bar antananarivo

Learn more about Le Point d'Exclamation Lounge Bar

The Exclamation Point is a lounge bar in the heart of the capital. It is a friendly place initially created by local artists with a breathtaking setting and a diversified atmosphere combining the best of music and art in Antananarivo. Whether you want to relax, drink, eat or experience unforgettable sensations, this is the place for you!

Where is the Exclamation Point Lounge Bar?

It is located in the heart of the city on the Independence Avenue in Analakely. It can be accessed through the main entrance of the Hôtel de l'Avenue. You go up to the first floor and you're there.

The Hôtel de l'Avenue where it is located is easily identifiable on the right side of the arcades from the station, between the Chicky fast food restaurant and DMT Photo.

How is the atmosphere at the Exclamation Point Lounge Bar?

The place is spacious and the atmosphere is diversified and designed to suit all tastes and preferences.

For those who have come to have a drink with friends or colleagues, the bartenders are there to help you, friendly and very responsive. In the early evening, the music is not too loud and you can quietly chat with each other or why not meet new people.

There are also two American pool tables for amateurs and even non-amateurs. Everyone can play it without anyone judging you on your level.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the lounge is transformed into a disco. The DJ is here to make you dance. You can be the king of the track!

From time to time, Malagasy artists perform at the Exclamation Point. It is a time to discover new musical styles or talented artists who are not necessarily in commercial production.

Do they serve food at the Exclamation Point Lounge Bar?

Yes, Le Point d'Exclamation is also a real restaurant with a wide choice of menus and European or local specialities prepared by the Chef. There are also pizzas, tapas and different kinds of appetizers.

How much will it cost at the Lounge Bar Exclamation Point?

Concerning the restaurant, the daily menu of the starter- main course-dessert costs about 6 euros (25 000 Ar). A la carte dishes are available from 3.50 euros (15 000Ar).

For drinks at the bar, the price of local GM 65cl beer is about 2 euros (8 000 Ar). Cocktails and whisky consoons are available from 3 euros.

What are the opening hours of the Exclamation Point Lounge Bar?

This Lounge Pub Restaurant is open 7 days a week from 6:30 am to midnight on weekdays. On Thursdays to Saturdays, the place only closes until the end of the activities, quite late in the night.

How is the security around the Exclamation Point Lounge Bar?

Since the Independence Avenue is a busy place in the evening, security is guaranteed as long as you do not leave the main artery. The entrance to the Hôtel de l'Avenue is guarded and the parking lot is also secure.

Is it easy to find a taxi from the Exclamation Point Lounge Bar?

Yes, the taxi stop is right next door. Whether it's day or night tonight, it's very busy. You will not have any particular difficulties in finding a taxi and returning home.

Do you have to book in advance at the Exclamation Point Lounge Bar?

Like all pubs or restaurants in the capital, booking is not mandatory. You can always come at any time while the place is still open.

However, from Thursday to Saturday, when the attendance is increasing, it is better to book in advance if you want to find a table and not a bar area, the same for VIP tables. It's always better to give them a little call before you come. We have put their number on this page.

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