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Restaurant PILE or FACE in Tamatave

En savoir plus sur PILE ou FACE

The restaurant PILE or FACE and its friendly and attentive staff propose in an air-conditioned room with an exceptional and refined frame:
a warm and friendly atmosphere and a gourmet cuisine

Side PILE: Southeast Asian cuisine including our famous PILE PASSAGE which you make yourself the composition of your dish by choosing from several kinds of meat and several kinds of vegetables. This one is then cooked in the wok in front of you. Do not forget our wonderful fragrant rice that will be served to you at will.

FACE side: Western cuisine based on generous grilled meat among which we will mention our pork ribs, our T-bones and many other pieces of meat or seafood of high quality.

Finally, a gourmet dessert menu with some specialties including our chocolate mousse whose fame is well established.

The extensive wine list allows everyone to have fun while adapting to his budget.

For your meal, count from 20,000 ariary to 40,000 ariary per person depending on your choice of food and beverages.

The room normally receives 40 to 45 seats.

However, she can receive up to 60 seats for a professional or family event (business lunches, weddings, etc ...)

The restaurant PILE or FACE is closed on Sundays all day but is open every other day of the week 12 months a year.

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