KUDéTA Urban Club

Hotel Carlton Anosy - Tana 101 - Antananarivo - Madagascar

La boite de nuit Kudeta Urban Club dans l'immeuble de l'hôtel Carlton à Anosy, au centre ville d'Antananarivo

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Everyone in Antananarivo knows the KUDETA Urban Club. One of the most popular after work and clubbing site in the capital.

It is located in the Anosy district, on the ground floor of the Carlton Hotel. Everyone knows. 

From the city center, count 6.000 Ar for the taxi, which is about 1.5 €. If you are in the outskirts of the city, expect between 10,000 Ar and 15,000 Ar, which is between 2 and 4 €. More than 20,000 Ar if you come from the periphery, around 5 €.

It's cozy, chic, casual. Sizzled by red lights, a large, elongated wooden bar and red armchairs too. Basically a very urban setting as the name suggests.

The particularity of the place is that it actually offers a varied atmosphere. Depending on the day, the Kudeta is a ballroom dance club, a hot dance nightclub with a pretty young vibe, ranging from electro to modern songs, while adding 80-90s retro songs.

They also organize musical scenes to spend the evening with the most famous artists in Madagascar. It is also an opportunity to discover the new musical talents of the island when the club offers them the stage.

  • Private parking, secured and spacious despite a small distance to attend the club
  • VIP lounge
  • Terrace to take a breath
  • Catering & bar for small appetites in the evening
  • Taxis station in front of the establishment to take you home
  • Not very spacious and easily full so plan to arrive early to find seating
  • Small dance floor on busy days. It's hard to get outside to get some fresh air.
  • The ceiling is quite low which warms the atmosphere quickly so dress up light for the dance.
  • Do not venture on foot outside the Carlton compound.

You have the direct contact of the establishment at the top right of the page. It's up to you to spend a good evening! 

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