Golden Crustacean

Ambohimanambola on Ikopa in front of Bangalow Batoo - Madagascar

Golden Crustacean Restaurant in Tana

Découvrir "Crustacé Doré" en vidéo

FAQ sur Crustacé Doré

A brand new restaurant with feet in the water of IKOPA, specialized in all kinds of seafood dishes .Example: Big grilled "golden crustacean" at 30 000 Ar for two people or still kebabs in crustacean .

Menu of the day from 7 €

Pack of the day menu + boat trip from 9 € 90

The Crustace Doré restaurant can accommodate 50 to 70 people for a workshop, engagement or first communion

What differentiates this restaurant from all is that among its many activities a boat ride called "The Venice of Tana" on the Ikopa

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