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IC Lot 12 Rue d'Angleterre Isoraka Antananarivo - Madagascar

Terrace and building hard estaurant Citizen in Antananarivo

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A small corner of relaxation in the heart of the city. The Citizen Restaurant offers refined dishes to enjoy in an elegant setting, surrounded by a green garden and with magnificent views, one of the best in Tanà.

10 minutes walk from the city center, in the restaurant district of Antananarivo, but quiet.

If you are transported, ask your transport to take the road of Isoraka which goes down towards Anosy. Just after the big turning that starts the descent, on the right is the Citizen.  

The restaurant is aptly named: Zen in the city. The place exudes tranquility despite its location: diaphanous building with a tiled roof, surrounded by greenery.

The view is simply panoramic. Below the city and its hubbub, in front of Lake Anosy, its jacarandas and its statue of the angel, in height the Palace of the Queen on its hill. We feel between two worlds.

You can eat either in the room soberly but nicely decorated, or on the wooden deck / patio and its iron and glass tables with shady trees.


Their menu offers a cuisine with local, French and oriental influences. Enjoy the zebu meat, the Malagasy beef, in a gastronomic way, taste the fish scented with the scent of the spices of the island. 

A foretaste? Imagine: roasted quail with chanterelles, half-cooked vanilla foie gras, squid fricassee with oyster juice, zebu tartare "french-isé", etc.

The Citizen has its own cellar with a selection that is among the best in the capital. Ask for their advice on which one will best accompany your dish.

Entries cost on average 25,000 Ar which is about 6 €. The dishes at 30,000 Ar is about 8 €. The desserts revolve around 16,500 Ar or 4 €.

On Sundays, a buffet is offered at 60,000 Ar for adults and 45,000 Ar for children; which make € 15 and € 11 respectively.

As the restaurant is part of a Guest House, you will be welcomed at any time until 21h. But it is always better to call ahead as soon as they are complete.

At the top right of the page, you have their phone contact to reach them directly. We already wish you a pleasant meal.

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