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You want to taste an original cuisine? The 1cognito Wild Food offers dishes based on game: wild boar, crocodile, snake, quail, wild duck, etc. A culinary experience not to be missed in Antananarivo.

In the Andravohangy ambony neighborhood, nestled between the 3-part-mixed-use hotel and the Andravoahangy Favavahana church, the restaurant is located 5 minutes from the city center.

By taxi, this will be about 8,000 Ar, or € 2 from the city center and between 12,000 and 25,000 Ar (3 € and 7 €) if you come from the peripheries.

In two words, simple but friendly. The inner room is made of wooden table, sifted in soft light for a tavern atmosphere.

Other tables are laid out in the garden for those who want to enjoy the outdoors. A stage is set up to accommodate concerts from time to time.

Game! Cooked in the local way or in the kitchen of the world, the 1cognito Wild Food proposes dishes to you with the atypical meats: bat, snake, crocodile, frogs, etc. They are prepared in steak, pizza, hamburger, simmered or braised meat.

Obviously, for those who are afraid, they also offer standard meat: chicken, beef, crab, sheep, etc.

To accompany all this, they offer local rum and fresh fruit cocktails.

Prices vary between 10,000 Ar (2,5 €) and 50,000 Ar (12,5 €) depending on the dish. The drinks are from 5,000 Ar or 1 €.

The restaurant welcomes you from 11h to 20h except Sundays.

We have provided you with the direct contacts of the restaurant at the top right of the page. Good tasting!

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