ORTALMA in Alaotra Mangoro, a new regional tourism office

ORTALMA in Alaotra Mangoro

The Malagasy tourism sector is acquiring a new regional office for Alaotra Mangoro. The flora and fauna resources of the region are opening up new perspectives, with the hope of contributing to the development of localities.

The Alaotra Mangoro region, located in the eastern part of Madagascar, has finally its own regional tourist office since November 2009. In February, the entity obtains the recognition of the national office. ORTALMA or the Regional Tourism Office of Alaotra Mangoro has its headquarters in Moramanga, in the Bezanozano building. There are nearly 27 members, all active in the tourism sector or its related sectors (hotels, crafts, tourist guidance, transport, catering ...). Of particular note is the membership of the National Park ofAndasibe, which houses the famous lemur Indri Indri. 

Bursting with natural wealth, the Alaotra Mangoro region has yet to exploit its full potential. It has five districts (Moramanga, Ambatondrazaka, Anosibe An'Ala, Amparafaravola and Andilamena), all located more or less around Lake Alaotra. High place of Malagasy biodiversity, the region is home to several endemic species of animals (around 55) and plants (about thirty species). Moreover, the new office will focus its actions of tourism development by considering this environmental aspect. For the moment, it is for the team of Mrs. Yolande Rachel Ravahimbola, Executive Director, to identify the sites that could interest tourists. 

To begin its activities, the office organized in November 2009 a training course for the tourist operators members. The latter benefited from the expertise of the director of the Saint Malo Tourist Office on the theme of the "Tourism Office's strategy with regard to the challenges of international tourism". This external intervention has been achieved thanks to Breton decentralized cooperation, which benefits, among others, the Analanjorofo and Diana regions. The Alaotra Mangoro region also benefits from this type of cooperation, concretized by technical and financial support from the Ille-et-Vilaine Department.

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