Nosy Tanikely, a third national marine park for Madagascar

nosy tanikely

The high rate of endemism of the Malagasy nature includes the marine areas of the island. For 2010, Madagascar will open its third national marine park on the island of Tanikely.

Tanikely National Marine Park in Nosy Be

Madagascar currently has a National Marine Park. The first is called Nosy Antafana and is located in Mananara North, on the east coast of the island. It is part of the Mananara North National Park, whose terrestrial part extends over 23 000 ha and the marine part over 1000 ha. The second national marine park, named Sahamalaza Radama Islands, is on the northwestern part of Madagascar. Marine area of Sahamalaza National Park Radama Islands, it occupies almost more than 12 000 ha of the surface of the park, the remainder being constituted of the terrestrial and coastal zone. These two parks are home to remarkable species of fauna and marine flora of the island.
At the beginning of March this year, the volcanic island of Tanikely will abandon its title Protected AreaMarine and coastal, to present itself to the public as a Marine National Park. The ecosystem of the island includes a coral reef, tinged with multiple colors by anemones and different fish that people the ocean. The development work has already begun, particularly for the submarine plot which has undergone zoning and marking. The construction of infrastructures to receive the visitors takes place on the terrestrial part (ecological toilets, reception hut, picnic area ...). The entry fee is fixed at 5000 Ariary per visitor during the first months of activity. The revenue obtained from this entrance fee will be used for the operation, the implementation of environmental measures and the financing of local community projects.

Marine parks are managed by Madagascar National Parks

This marine conservation project was supported by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Integrated Growth Poles project (ICP). These two entities, as well as various international financial and technical partners for environmental projects, do not hesitate to support conservation initiatives. Moreover, the fact that the Big Island is one of the 34 major sites of global biodiversity confirms the inestimable value of existing natural resources. It is also in this same state of mind that the Madagascar National Parks Association was born. The latter acts on several environmental aspects, including the management of parks and nature reserves. And this, regardless of their type (terrestrial, marine, coastal ...) or their category (protected area, special reserve, national park ...).

In fact, the new Tanikely National Marine Park is managed in co-management by the Urban Commune of Nosy be and by the association Madagascar National Parks and the Regional Tourist Office of Nosy Be. It should be noted that the three marine parks are part of the tour operators' circuits. Apart from the simple guided tour, you can practice diving, bird watching, snorkeling, sea trips, hiking in the forest, etc. To learn about the species of animals and plants to discover in these parks, go to the pages North Mananara National Park and Sahamalaza National Park Radama Islands, from the Madagascar National Parks website.

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