Madagascar Ultra Trail Hauts-Plateaux: to marry sport and discoveries

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Madagascar Ultra Trail Highlands

The 7th edition of the Ultra Trail des Hauts-Plateaux, known under the acronym UTOP will take place on May 1, 2 and 3, 2015. The start will take place at the Lycée Français de Tana and the 5 events are open to all categories: pro , amateur and beginner.

Trail, the 7th edition

For its 7th edition, the UTOP is targeting over a thousand participants. Registrations are open until 12 April 2015 at the ORTANA garden of Antaninarenina and online at www.klikego.com. For direct registrations, simply download the form on the site, fill it out and send it back with a photo and a medical form.

For the 2015 edition, a 4.5 km course on a 175m elevation gain is planned for children from 8 to 11 years old. It will serve as educational support on the preservation of the environment, the geology of the highlands of Madagascar and the management of the effort during a race-course race. Three EPF schools are involved in this event for children and the event is open to all schools wishing to participate.

Trail, sport and discoveries

For the year 2015, adults have the choice between 4 events. The Ultra-Trail is that of endurance with its 130 km long and 5640m vertical drop. It is 10km and 500m higher in altitude compared to the previous edition. The departure will take place at midnight at the LFT to go to the Hermitage and return to the starting point. It will take 2 nights outside for the slower. This event can be run solo, duo and even in relay from 30 to 35km for 4 riders.

The Semi will be on 65km with a start at 6am at Lake Mantasoa. Arrival at Tana is scheduled at noon. The 30km T-rail was the novelty of 2013 and its success was immediate and as for the Fun Run of 10km, some ribs will be on the program. For these 4 events, the discovery of landscapes will be highlighted.

Those coming from abroad, especially from Reunion, preferential rates are offered in hotels in Tana.

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