Madagascar lagging behind, and yet a forecast of 800,000 tourists?

Madagascar lagging behind, and yet a forecast of 800,000 tourists?

Consumption habits are changing: 68% of consumers book their holidays only on the Internet, and that was in 2016! Today, digital transformation is essential for tourism in Madagascar, but how about it?

Current state of the digital in Madagascar

Everyone is talking about it, many do not dare to tackle it. This is understandable because many have failed for trying.

Phoenix Magazine,, madabook, madablog, Normada, Madadecouverte, FHORM, etc ... Many sites that had the will to promote Madagascar but in the end, failed to get any impact.

Etat communication Madagascar

To date, more than 40 sites aiming to promote Madagascar exist. Madagascar is left with a multitude of sites that are not found or so little visible that their impact has remained zero. And even if by chance the user arrives on it, the information is rarely updated ...

The reason is simple: Madagascar is, from a general point of view, late froom Europe by 10 years. The world is changing, and so is the web!

If Madagascar often gets special treatment, in the web, no favors. The rules are the same for everyone.

Thus, the lack of knowledge in the field of the web is the main cause. Digital transformation is not just about a websiteIt is a set of elements that are : the website, the day before, the social networks, the forums, the responsive, the algorithm of Google.

Web visibility, more than a website, an overall vision

As much of a point that a hotelier or tourist provider does not have to know. However, this brings us to the real problem: The teamworkCurrently, each site is realized either by a hotelier pure and hard, or by a pure and hard developer. In both cases, it is the reflection of a lack of knowledge of the evolution of the web algorithms of the last 10 years.

The success of the digital transformation of Madagascar can only be done through the joint work between tourist providers, developer, referencer, not to mention the Comminy Management

You want to know more ? : Understand web visibility

2020, trends are favorable for Madagascar

This month of October 2019, in addition to its 180 million genuine customer reviews, Booking .com surveyed 22,000 travelers from 29 markets to chart the "big" travel trends for 2020.

Un résultat où Madagascar n’est pas cité dans le TOP 10 des destinations, mais Chez « Live Madagascar », nous pensons que nous devrions y être ! Découvrons ensemble pourquoi.

The rise of secondary cities

51% claim that they would change their original destination for a similar, but less well-known alternative, if it allowed them to reduce their impact on the environment.

Moreover 60% international travelers would like to have access to a service that would recommend destinations based on the benefit that local communities could derive from increased tourism.

Booking .com

With the village & responsible tourism, Madagascar has a playing card. For example, theORTANA offers this kind of stay, unfortunately too little put forward and totally unknown to travelers who only see Tanà as a transit city.

At "Live Madagascar", being the first tourist guide of Madagascar, with among others 1,000 visitors / day, we are convinced to be the best able to promote this tourism in collaboration with the providers in relation.

The alliance of technology and the unexpected

59% of travelers want technology to surprise them with original options and allow them to experience totally new experiences.

46% of travelers worldwide say they are ready to use an app that makes it quick and easy to find and book activities during their trip. 

Booking .com

On Madagascar, speed of creation takes precedence over quality. This translates into the use of pre-made template at $ 49 for a site completion in 2-3 days. Which gives sites not original, simplistic and without possible evolutions.

At "Live Madagascar", our site is made from a blank page. A site made with love & passion that results in a higher attendance than all other tourism sites together, but also a flexibility on the possible evolution to new requests, such as an application as suggested by this analysis of booking

Taking the time to enjoy the experiences

62% want to go on a trip where travel is an integral part of the stay experience.

64% would like to take a long trip on a historic train (like the Orient Express).

61% are looking for a longer route to get more out of the way and the scenery.

Booking .com

I have the impression that these opinions are made for Madagascar, do not you? However, here, Madagascar takes a bad voice. Only an all-one reaction can make things happen!

Indeed, if traveling by bush taxi through Madagascar is the first thing we have all done, in recent years, the landscape is changing. Deforestation is apocalyptic. My last trip was a vision of burnt black hills as far as the eye can see ... Here, only a unification of associations (local FHORM / ORT / ONT / etc ...) can change things!

The Manakara train is an undeniable asset of Madagascar. However, its maintenance leaves something to be desired, how many times can we read on the forums that this one was not functional during their (the tourists) passages. Again, only the local ORT can do anything.

Finally, Madagascar offers the greatest diversity in the world! We are not called the country on 5 continents for nothing. But here, it is the safety and the maintenance of the roads which come into question for the displacements. If the evolution of tourism is really desired, let us hope that the roads will be the government's tourist priority.

At Live Madagascar, we would really like to work in collaboration with local associations and / or ORTs. Our vision is simple: let us take care of your visibility and embrace the local actions to take. Among other things, federate tourist operators.

Discover destinations with multiple attractions

54% International travelers want to take a long trip to a destination that includes all the activities that interest them and the places they would like to visit.

62% of travelers say they choose a destination that includes activities and places of interest that they are interested in to save time on their trips.

Source booking .com

Encore une fois, Madagascar propose toute une panoplie d’activités / excursions pour tous les goûts et toutes les bourses ! Cependant chaque région / hôtel / prestataire travaille dans son coin avec son petit site, sa petite page à 1 000 abonnés et son envie de tout centraliser en interne.

At "Live Madagascar", we believe that unity is strength. Madagascar is big. We are currently making 260,000 tourists all over the continent ... this is only half of what La Reunion does, 233 times smaller than Mada. Let us aim at a common communication and show our diversity to the world.

Priority to pets

  • 42% some of them say that they choose a holiday destination based on whether they can bring their animals there.
  • 49% travelers would be willing to pay for more expensive accommodation if they accepted pets.

Currently, no simple & practical information can be found on the subject. For having already done so, I can tell you that it is the course of the fighter ... A simplification / access to information by the local airlines would be welcome.

At "Live Madagascar", to promote this tourism, we will add a special label to hoteliers accepting animals. Write to inform us.

Major intergenerational stays

72% think spending time with their grandchildren is a way to keep feeling young.

75% of grandparents say that holidays are one of the best opportunities to spend time with family.

Source booking .com

If Madagascar offers stays between friends, couples, discovery, backpacker, to date, apart from the farnientes & beaches, we do not know of a stay adapted to this clientele. And you ?

By adapted, we mean: no circuits asking 08h of roads through the bush, the 3rd age is not always the shape for this! But also adapted activities / applicable to all.

At Live Madagascar, we want to offer a solution for everyone! You are an agency, an association or an operator and wish to develop this sector? Let's work together !

The culinary discovery

  • 71% of travelers from around the world indicate that eating local produce is important to them when they are on vacation

If Madagascar is not the most famous culinary destination, it offers a unique discovery. Whether in traditional restaurants but also in village tourism and tables d'hôtes!

At "Live Madagascar", we have already begun to highlight the best restaurants on the island. Unique recipe to discover? Host table concept? Make yourself known!

Direction : Voyage long séjour

Madagascar, Mahajanga, driving on a rural highway in western Madagascar.

65% of international travelers believe that travel is an ideal way to occupy this new period of their existence. 

47% plan to be more adventurous in choosing their destinations once retired.

52% of travelers agree that it is possible to take a sabbatical year at any period of one's life.

Source booking .com

Adventure, low cost travel, long stay & sabbatical are 4 of the many adjectives that can describe Madagascar. If we refer to this analysis of Booking .com, it is currently the only criterion we answer without having any action to take.

At "Live Madagascar", we are first on related search terms: hotel madagascar, location nosy be, etc ... Thus, this clientele discovers the largest current database on Madagascar.

The "Live Madagascar" vision

As you have already understood, we believe in the future of tourism in Madagascar. However, if everyone stays in their corner, nothing will move forward. Only the UNION can make things change positively. So :

  1. That tour operators (hotels / activities / restaurants) come together, whether in private or public associations (ORT).
  2. That associations focus on the development of infrastructures & solutions and unload communication to professionals.
  3. That Professionals master the web as a whole, ie: development / SEO / Community Management

If Madagascar follows this principle, this objective of 800 000 tourists is quite achievable.

To read : Interview - Live Madagascar, the first local influencer?

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