Ethanol, a new source of renewable energy in Madagascar

Ethanol, a new source of renewable energy in Madagascar

Madagascar is putting green energy first by inaugurating its first manufacture of fuel ethanol for domestic use.

Better fight against deforestation

The first fuel ethanol manufacturing plant in Madagascar was created on the initiative of the Madagascar Energy Company. Based in Brickaville, in the commune of Ampasimpotsy Ranomafana, this factory plans to produce up to 2000 liters of ethanol extracted from sugar cane daily. For now, the biofuel produced on site is intended for domestic use. According to the Minister of Industry Roland Jules Etienne, the main objective of this ecological project is to reduce the consumption of wood as fuel. Such a measure would indeed make it possible to reduce the deforestation perpetrated by the coalmen.

An ambitious project

To put itself in the moment of the biofuel, Madagascar plans to extend this project of ethanol production to other cities of the Big Island. Soon, eight other factories specializing in the manufacture of bioethanol will be established on the territory. To enable them to function, 75 000 hectares of sugar cane will have to be cultivated. For the island to save up to $ 75 million within 6 years, fuel ethanol production will be expanded to fuel ethanol. According to Madagascar Energy Company, a mobilization of local authorities would facilitate the extension of the production of this biofuel. To raise awareness, a platform of experts has been created.

Perspectives in view

By developing 106,000 hectares of sugar cane crops devoted to agrofuel production, Madagascar's energy indicator could be significantly modified by 2030. According to experts from the ethanol project's extension platform, by 2030, 40% of Malagasy households would use electricity while 54% of homes would use biodiesel lighting. The implementation of the project would also make it possible to cease the use of kerosene. To achieve the goal, the Big Island should however convert its thermal power plants and make the energy transition in the field of biofuel.