The protected marine and coastal area of Ramena: from three to one

L'aire protégée marine et côtière de Ramena : du trois en un

The establishment of marine protected areas is one of the priorities of Madagascar's environmental protection policy. The Ramena complex joins the other three marine protected areas of the Big Island.

The Ramena complex, a protected area three in one

By the beginning of 2010, it was the site of Nosy Tanikely which was renouncing its status as a protected marine and coastal area to finally proudly bear the title of national marine park. Freshly honored as a protected marine and coastal area, the Ramena complex in the region of Diégo-Suarez (far north) closely follows the path of its eldest. The complex is made up of three sites, each bringing a touch of originality to the whole. The first part of the complex consists of the dense forest of Ambohitr'Antsingy, on the Montagne des Français. Dotted with caves and tsingy, the site is located 7 km south of the city of Diego Suarez. The second site, Ambodivahibe Bay, 29 km from the city, is covered with a forest, mangrove and coral reefs. The last part joined the Ramena complex in April 2009, on an initiative of the Missouri Botanical Garden. The new protected area (NAP) of Orangea or Oronjia is renowned for the beauty of its three bays: the Bay of the Dunes, the Bay of Pigeaons and the Sakalava.

Many interests brought to the Ramena complex

The Ramena complex has attracted the interest of several local, national and even international entities. In addition to the rare species of animals and plants that it houses, the site has a cultural and historical character of the region. Indeed, sites tracing the past and places of worship are located in the area. In 2005, Conservation International started actions for the protection of the Ramena site. With support from partners, efforts led to the granting of temporary protected area status to all three sites the following year. A steering committee closely followed the evolution of the protection application file. The preservation of the Ramena complex is also of interest to the population, including the AMA association. The latter includes students, members of civil society, military authorities and also journalists. Their concertation focuses on the policy and strategies for leading actions to safeguard Ramena's natural resources.

(Note: Photo provided by our partner Jungle Park)

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