Malagasy Mosaic Interview: National Highway 7 otherwise

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Malagasy Mosaic is a receptive tour operator based in the capital of the Big Island, Antananarivo. For the end of the year holidays, the agency offers a package holiday package to discover the wonders of the southern axis. Vanina Razafinjatovo agreed to answer a few questions from MHO about this

Madagascar Hotels Online (MHO) : Hello Vanina and thank you for devoting a little of your time. To begin, tell us a little about your agency, especially the origin of its name "mosaic"?
Malagasy mosaic (MMG) : Mosaic Malagasy is a small travel company, formed of a passionate team of nature whose first objective is to share it. Why Mosaïque? Madagascar has such a natural and cultural diversity, that when we propose a trip, we seek to offer the most beautiful mosaic of images.

(MHO): Like most operators, you are offering a special offer for this end of the year: Route nationale7 otherwise. Can you give us more details? What makes it "differently"?

National Route 7 is a classic touristic tour of our country, and all agencies offer it. We wanted to offer it differently by going off the beaten path, which allows us to go into the hinterland to discover the rural life of the Malagasy people and to be more in touch with nature. This trip includes 2 days of trekking in the country Zafimaniry, whose expertise in terms of sculpture is recognized as intangible world heritage by UNESCO. Then we go to the discovery of the Barabory villages in the sumptuous Tsaranoro Valley, between the majestic Tsaranoro massif and the mountain range bordering the Andringitra National Park. Finally 3 days in the ruiniforme massif of Isalo, which is one of the largest parks of Madagascar.

(MHO): Known for having a harsh climate, why did you choose the RN7 for this group departure? Then extensions to seaside destinations?
(MMG): Despite the rainy season in December, we opted for the Route Nationale 7 because this axis offers a wide range of landscapes, cultures, encounters and fauna and flora. We end this trip with a proposal of seaside sites on the South West coast such as Anakao and Ankasy. These 2 seaside sites offer us one of the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar and far from mass tourism.

(MHO): What should tourists expect for New Year's Eve on this tour?
(MMG): This night will be spent in nature, camping and the rest will be a surprise.

(MHO): One last message?

(MMG): For those who are thirsting for travel, meetings, discoveries, adventures in all its forms, Madagascar is your favorite island. Our team will be happy to put together a dream trip.

Receptive Tour Operator
IVC108 Ambatomitsangana
Tel: +261 34 01 913 19
E-mail: info@mosaique-malgache.com
Web: www.mosaique-malgache.com

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