Live Interview Madagascar: how did you become the first guide of Madagascar?

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Si ce nom ne vous parle, c’est normal. Le changement date de quelques mois. Simplement, vous le connaissiez sous un autre nom : Madagascar Hôtel Online, un annuaire existant depuis 2006 qui est devenu le premier guide web du tourisme sur Madagascar.

To learn more, some questions have been asked to the buyer of this guide after its complete overhaul in early 2019.

Live Madagascar vovo

Live Madagascar, what is it?

Live Madagascar is a site aiming to centralize all information on tourism in Madagascar on a single site, whether to prepare for your trip, choose accommodation, what to do on site during the day but also the evening. And especially that all information is accessible in 3 clicks maximum.

As a reader on Facebook said

Finally easy and intuitive site to quickly organize your trip to Madagascar!

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Who is Live Madagascar for?

The old version (Madagascar Hotel Online) was a directory offering hotels in Madagascar and was only intended for future French-speaking travelers.

Live Madagascar always answers the question "or sleep", adding the answer to different questions that are:

  • What to do today?
  • Where to go out tonight?
  • Where to eat ?
  • How to organize your stay?

Thus Live Madagascar now centralizes the largest amount of information available on Madagascar on a single site, making it the essential guide to the destination.

Une vison internationale et non uniquement francophone

With the translation of the site into English / Italian / Polish and the launch of various social networks (Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / Youtube) in English, we wish to participate actively in the development of a global tourism.

The locals, whether they are residents or expatriates

La refonte du site inclus entre autres des filtres avancés comme ceux des OTA. Ainsi, que vous recherchiez un hôtel pas cher à nosy be pour vos vacances en famille, une location vacances à diego comme un hôtel de luxe récemment ouvert à Tana pour faire vos achats, you will find the information in 2 clicks on Live Madagascar

Same thing for a local restaurant!

Envie de sortir ? Live Madagascar, c’est aussi les événements ayant lieux la semaine à venir dans les deux principales villes que sont NOSY BE et TANA. Discover the events of the week

With Live Madagascar, Mada has no secrets?

I would like, but Madagascar is bigger than France. We know and speak obviously of all the tourist points. However, we put the good plans according to our discoveries and the information shared by travelers. Thus, Live Madagascar continues to update continuously!

What are the criteria for offering good deals?

As previously explained, Madagascar is huge. For what I know, I give myself good tips. inhabitant Nosy Be since 2012 the archipelago is full of good plans that I invite readers to discover.

Sainte Marie & Tamatave are also places that I know pretty well but I have not shared good tips yet. To come up !

In Antananarivo for some time now, the goal has been to get everyone to realize the potential of the uplands, which is currently just a transit point. This is an area that will evolve in the coming months.

For all other regions, we will develop one per year. However, hotels, service providers and of course tourists can write us in order to share the good plans that we will be happy to update!

2019, a positive balance for Live Madagascar?

The year is not over, but it is already a yes without question!

In 2018, Madagascar Hotel Online turned around 400 visitors / day. This month of September had 28,000 visitors, or 930 visitors / day. It is an evolution of 200% of our traffic. October takes the same path.

De plus, la qualité de notre site se traduit par la fidélisation. En effet, nous comptons 33 000 sessions. 5 000 personnes sont donc revenus sur le site, et ce n’est que le début !

Ainsi, entre les chiffres ci-dessus, avec une moyenne de 1 000 visiteurs unique par jour, l’analyse via des outils externes des autres guides touristiques sur Madagascar, et le bilan 2018 de l’Office du tourisme de Madagascar qui dit lui même faire 12 000 visiteurs / mois, Live Madagascar est le guide touristique sur Madagascar most viewed on the Web.

2020, what goal?

Become the first influencer of Madagascar! That is to say, adapt to the international clientele and make discover the assets of Madagascar. But this is a very broad topic that I address in another article that I invite readers to read if they are interested:

Article to read: Madagascar lagging behind, and yet a forecast of 800,000 tourists?

A last word ?

First of all thank you for reading me to the end!

Then I invite you to discover the site and send me your comments if you have any ! Indeed Live Madagascar is not there to please me but to meet your needs. So, if any information that you think is crucial is missing, do not hesitate! And if you just like the site, we are also a fan of positive feedback 😉

When we receive a positive feedback!
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Mada reste une destination méconnue et que ce soit au niveau des visas, des vols, des hébergements il est parfois difficile de trouver l’information voulue. C’est la que Live Madagascar entre en jeux

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