Interview Mrs Michèle COTSOYANNIS - at Salary

Authentic destination, the bay of Salary seduced by the charm of its beaches of white sand, its blue lagoon protected by a coral reef. On the land side, the contrast with the dry forest of baobabs and thorny plants accentuates the beauty of the landscape of this destination Vezo. Thehotel Salary Bay has established itself in this little paradise and contributes to the development of the local community, in parallel with its tourist activities. We approached the director of the establishment, Mrs. Michèle COTSOYANNIS, for an interview.

Madagascar Hotels Online (MHO): Mrs Michèle COTSOYANNIS, thank you for giving us time to answer our questions. Can you introduce yourself briefly and describe Salary Bay 's activities?

Ms. COTSOYANNIS: I have run this hotel since it opened in July 2005.
Here the big problem is the logistics, we are four hours drive from Tulear and we must therefore pay attention to our supplies to satisfy our customers.
I also take care of the day-to-day management supported by a deputy director who has worked with me for many years.
Salary Bay is also a private protected area and as such we have many agreements with WWF, National Parks of Madagascar. We actively participate in the protection of marine reserves and set up projects in the Mikeas Forest (forest roads, inventory of endemic species both in terms of fauna and flora).
We have also opened a school and a clinic, and we are in the process of creating a "Children of Salary Bay" association to enable better schooling, but also hygiene rules.
Finally, I take care of the marketing of the hotel both in Madagascar and outside (website, trade shows ...).

(MHO): What are the reasons that convinced you to locate your hotel in Salary?

COTSOYANNIS: My husband and I fell in love with this bay. The turquoise waters, the white sand, the vegetation that reminded me of my Provence.
So we set our bags and decided to create a place for us first, and then gradually word of mouth worked.
Nothing is easy because day-to-day management is not obvious: we supply our electricity and water through our own source of solar energy. The result is rather positive and our team does not give up ...

(MHO): Your hotel is located in Salary, north of Tulear. We are then surprised to note the address of your headquarters in Fianarantsoa. Can you clarify?

Ms. COTSOYANNIS: In Salary, we do not have telephone communication or internet, only the satellite telephone. It was therefore easier to manage everything from Fianarantsoa where we already have another hotel and an administrative structure - financial and commercial.

(MHO): Salary Bay just recently launched a promotional offer for the holidays of Toussaint. What are the conditions of this promotion?

Ms. COTSOYANNIS: We offer a 20% discount on accommodation for a minimum stay of 3 nights. The extra bed is free for children under 12 years old. This offer is valid from 20 to 28 October 2010.

(MHO): With a natural environment as rich as Salary, what activities does your establishment offer holidaymakers? 

Ms. COTSOYANNIS: Actually, we offer a wide range of activities for our visitors, whether by sea or by land. Here is a little preview :

LAKE SALE (April to June)An hour's drive by the sandy track will allow access to Lac Salé, but the bravest ones, planning twice the time, can also achieve this by combining the canoe and walking.
Accompanied by our guides, guests will leave Salary Bay to the north, and will first go to the charming little fishing village Vezos de Bekodoy. From there, the track that followed until then the coast takes the direction of North East.
It continues through the forest and leads to a wild landscape where they will discover the lake. This vast expanse of salt water, shallow, is lined with many filao trees. They will be able to observe different species of birds and maybe they will have the chance to witness a flight of flamingos.

DISCOVER THE VEZOS VILLAGES AND THE SACRED CAVE OF SALARY : While strolling through the typical villages of Vezo fishermen, guests will discover their culture and way of life, and maybe they will have the chance to witness the return of fishing. The latter regulates the daily life of this people, we can not more free and warm, living from day to day and the rhythm of the tides ...
On the way back, they can also visit the sacred cave of Salary, one of the only cool corners of the area. To achieve this, the trail crosses the dry and clear forest, a species of savannah more or less wooded and typical of the West Coast. The sacred cave of Salary holds its sacred character of the purity of its water, the customers must take off shoes before entering there in sign of respect of the place.

SNORKELLING : Salary Bay offers the opportunity to explore the barrier reef with ease, accompanied by a boatman and equipped with fins, a mask and a snorkel. Off Salary, the reefs have the distinction of presenting three successive coral barriers. This site is full of fish, because virgin of any frequentation and distant from the rivers, is among the rare places in the world where still some living corals remain.

UNDERWATER DIVING : Lovers of scuba diving have the opportunity to admire this fabulous environment: a multitude of multicolored fish in a varied coral landscape ... We also offer to practice scuba diving, accompanied by Fred. He holds a degree CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) and knows the site perfectly. These are exploratory dives, 20 to 30 meters deep, already requiring a small level diving.

TO THE MEET WHALES : From July to the end of August, the whales are in the waters of Mozambique, to give birth to their calves, we propose a boat trip for the customers.

(MHO): Your last message for our readers?

Ms. COTSOYANNIS: Our main concern is to share with all those who stay with us our love at first sight for the Bay of Salary, this enchanting lagoon where time passes slowly. In parallel, we wish to promote the region and create with the population other activities for the sustainable development of the local community. We warmly invite you to discover this little paradise.

Cotsoyannis Building

Such. fixed: 00 261 20 75 514 86
Such. mobile: 00 261 32 49 120 16
Sat: 00 88 16 31 51 34 80

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